Lawn Care Flyer & Seed Envelope marketing idea.

Rob posted a unique lawn care marketing idea. He took one of the free lawn care flyer templates from the Gopher Forum and attached a small envelope he created to hold some lawn seeds.

Rob: “You’ll love this one. I took the “Sorry about the noise” lawn care flyer, edited it for myself, put a spot for me to enter in a price to cut. But I took it further based on a idea that others had here and made my own little grass seed envelope. It has my logo and instructions in a “cute” way. It says something like spread the seeds, add 3 parts sun, one part rain and calls us to take care of the rest.

I passed out 100 of them and got 4 responses. One was a guy who was angry at the thought I might have walked his property. Another was the post office telling me to stop putting lawn care flyers in mail boxes. Another was an install job that I didn’t get. And another was a $30 a week mow that I did get.

I made another 200 envelopes that I need to glue and fill. I was quite broke at the time so making my own was better than buying pre-made envelopes. So my plan is the continue this marketing but not to use mailboxes and use pre-made coin envelopes with label I stick on instead.

I also decided to not include prices but rather offer free estimates. Over the winter I will make many of these getting ready for spring. I expect to have 4 times the amount of accounts I have now this time next year.

Until I am working 4-5 days all day by myself, I will be relentless on my marketing. I have passed out quite a few cards lately. For everyone that gets a lawn care business card, gets a magnetic and a paper version. I ask that they keep the one they prefer and to give the other away to a friend. I also offer a free cut for each person that hires me for the season.

Here is a picture of my lawn seed envelope and lawn care flyer. The lawn seed envelope says: 1. Find a bare spot 2. Sprinkle grass seeds 3. Add two parts sun and one part rain. 4. Call us and we’ll take care of the rest! — I use a font that looks like a kid wrote it. I have my logo and phone number.

The envelope shown is printed 4 to a page, cut out, folded and glued.”

lawn care flyer

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