Lawn care employee manual example.

There is no better way to consistently get a new lawn care employee up to speed with what you expect of them and how they should perform their job than with a lawn care employee manual. One member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was having a difficult time trying to put such a handbook together when another shared a template that could be downloaded and edited to fit the specific companies needs.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I’m currently working on a lawn care employee manual to take my company one big step towards the future. What I wanted to know is anyone else using one or thinking about using one? If so would you mind sharing it? I will certainly share mine once I’m done. I am currently trying to outline how I want things done so each job is carried out as efficiently as possible.

Also it will include basic rules I expect to each employee to follow. I realize some of my rules won’t apply to everyone else’s business but maybe that is the point of having your own process that makes you unique from others.

Lawn Care Employee Manual

Lawn Care Employee Manual

I want to have all the basics in it like how you need to edge from the right side of the property to be efficient and optimize each job. A stick edger has the blade on the right side so you start at the curb on the far right of the property. This way you can work your way around the property in one pass instead of walking back and forth with the machine idling, wasting time and gas which of course equals money. I want to include the order in which I want all tasks performed, for the purpose of maximizing efficiency.

Other ideas I am thinking of including are the importance of

  • following the rules
  • what the rules are
  • expectations
  • requirements etc.

I hope this these ideas help. I feel it’s easier to show what you expect with a lawn care employee manual that you can actually hand to the new employee rather than just trying to point out lessons as you go because you know you will forget to include them more often than not.”

A second lawn care business owner said, here is my lawn-care-business-employee-manual, you can download it and edit to fit your needs.

Here is another lawn-care-employee-handbook-2 you can download and use.”

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