Getting lawn care customers no one else wants.

Early on as you are getting your lawn care business started, you may be willing to take on cheaper lawn care customers with properties that may not be show places. These are the customers, more established lawn care businesses may not want, but the upside is, they may be easier for you to get and allow you some time to get your business bearings straight and start pulling in some profits. How do you get these lawn care customers? That is the question which was asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business forum and it produced some interesting lawn care marketing methods.

One new lawn care business owner wrote “I’m just getting my lawn care business started and I have about 6 houses that I mow every week. I also have another 3 that I mow every 2 weeks because they are just vacant lots and the owners don’t need it to look too nice.

My goal with my lawn care business is to have 12 houses a week to mow. I have come to this site and soaked up a lot of information and watched all the lawn care business videos on lawn care marketing tips and stratagies.

I would really like to hear form some of you guys with experience. Can I hear some tips/stories/advice from some experienced or successful lawn care owners?”

A second lawn care business owner said “go to your local office supply center and get some colored paper. Make a simple design straight to the point and put ‘THIS IS HOW MUCH IT WOULD COST YOU FOR A BASIC MOW!’ and then in the box put est. $30.00 for example. Do this with a pack of 500 sheets. Print 2 door flyers on each sheet and cut them in half, so you then have a 1,000 to distribute.

I did this my first season and got a HUGE response from them. The design was very simple and to the point and for some reason advertising with a price really seemed to entice the potential customers to call me. I had very low overhead costs so I could keep my prices low. There was no guessing on the part of the customer as far as price went and they didn’t have to worry about calling for an estimate that may be too high.

As a test to see if lower prices would attract even more lawn care customers, I put $20 on the flyer and when the customer called me back to cut their lawn, I told them I had some employees hand out the flyers and they made a mistake on the price. I told them I was very sorry for the inconvenience and that I would make them a deal. I’d bump your price up to $30 and throw in free hedge trimming as well. Amazingly, that worked well also and I got 4 additional houses like that.

Another important lesson I learned is to ALWAYS keep lawn care business cards on you. Then make sure you get some vinyl signs for your lawn care truck. It shows the potential lawn care customer you are not a fly by night operation and that you plan on being around for a long time.

Next, make phone calls. As you are driving around town, write down all the numbers and contact people you see on the for rent, lease or sale signs. Call ALL of them and talk to the person in charge of the property. Especially if the lawn looks unmaintained, and the houses look like total crap. These are the types of customers that are easier to pick up initially as you are getting started. They are going to be looking for cheap lawn care and you wil be in the position of being able to perform lawn care for cheap.

The truth is, a lot of lawn care companies have a minimum price they will charge to mow a lawn even if it’s for a 90 sq ft section of lawn.Their minimum will be $25.00 or so. Knowing this, if you can mow the smaller lawns for cheaper than them, why not target these potential lawn care customers. Why not pick up the property for $15 or $20. But only do this if you can afford it and it’s just to get the wheels of your new lawn care business turning.

Realtors can be a great help to growing your new lawn care business. Lots of people don’t have the time to keep up with their lawns when they are moving, so if you offer your lawn care services to them for a good price you can get quite a few jobs through them.

Here is how my phone call sales pitches go when I call Realtors.

*hi, my names Joe and I’m with Joe’s Lawn Care.
*”I’m not interested thank you.”
* Hold on one moment ma’am. I noticed you had the property on Red Oak Ave for sale.
*”That’s correct but I can’t afford a lawn care service right now.”
* Well ma’am your in luck because the cheapest price you’ll get around here is $25.00.
*”I know it’s too expensive.”
*Well I’m calling to let you know that the offer is still available in the future if your interested and it will only cost you $20.00 weekly.
*”Wait what?”
*Yes ma’am and since we don’t require lawn care contracts, you can keep us for 2 weeks until the home is sold or you can keep us for years to come, it’s your decision.
*”Give me your information and I’ll set up a time to meet you.”

These can be the best phone calls ever. Once you get hooked up with these Realtors, they will throw a lot more work your way. Is the work unpredictable? Sure, but it is a great stepping stone to building your business to the point where you have as many weekly residential and commercial lawn care clients.

Keep these tips in mind and consider using them when you are trying to get your lawn care business started.”

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