Lawn Care Customer Routes - How far should you drive?

How far out of your way should you drive to service a lawn care customer? Is it smart to take on new customers outside of your immediate service area in hopes of expanding your lawn care business or is it going to hurt your lawn care business and drive up your expenses? Let’s take a look into this discussion that came up in the GopherHaul lawn care business marketing forum.

lawn care customer route

lawn care customer route

A lawn care business forum member wrote a great question about lawn care customer routes. He asked “what is the farthest you have driven out of your local lawn care route for one customer? I have a lawn care customer that would also like for me to take care of her mother’s lawn. Her mother’s property is about 20min. outside of my lawn care route. The property would take me about 45min to mow. Once I am in that area there is a potential to pick up more lawn care customers in neighboring developments.”

Hoss: “If I were to go that far outside of my lawn care route, I would charge a little more because it’s only her. Just let her know that she’s the only one in that area. If she could get a few people to join up you wouldn’t have to charge so much. Also you could distribute some lawn care flyers door to door in those local areas around her.”

Chuck: “Ehhhh, it depends on how bad you NEED the lawn care business man. Think about it. You could distribute lawn care flyers there & pick up a few more lawn care accounts, but you could do the same in your back yard & pick up a few more close to home. Even if you get 10-15 properties out there, it’s always gonna be out of the way. Then what if you get a call from a potential client 5 miles further out than them? Do you go since your almost there anyway? At some point you should draw a line in the sand & say THIS IS AS FAR AS I GO. A one time landscape job might be different but for a trip you’ll be making weekly…. drive time kills lawn care businesses daily.”

Steve: “That was really well put.

Survival is survival. If you need the extra work, do it. But I think this point really brings up what your competitive advantage is and part of what it should be is you service a specific service area that allows you to keep your lawn care prices within a competitive range. The further you go out the more you have to charge to cover your costs.

If you focus within your immediate area, you can build up the illusion of your image more. You can appear to be all over town all day long and people will think your lawn care company is bigger than it may be. The more times they see you out and about, the more impressions you will make upon them. At a certain point you will reach that magical number where you could potentially hit the top of mind awareness point and people will call you first when they need lawn care.”

Tom: “You can charge more for that lawn care customer and hopefully get it! On the other hand, mom could locate a local lawn care guy that also services the same area as the the original account and possibly lose both. The fact that you were referred hopefully means you made an impression on the client. If the referral is based on your lower price per square foot marketing than only you can figure your cost’s and decide.

Scope the referral area and check income levels between point A and B. You might find an over priced market by a competitor that’s prime for you to step in and handle.”

So remember think about these topics next time you are tempted to provide lawn care service outside your immediate service area. There are pros and cons to the choice, so decide which works best for you and your lawn care business.

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