Lawn Care Business Uniforms.

One simple way to easily make your lawn care business stand out from others is to wear a uniform. The more outrageous the colors, the more attention you will attract. But in general, most small lawn care businesses don’t wear lawn care uniforms. So the simple act of wearing one will make you stand out.

One of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us his insight of wearing a uniform. He wrote “I know that all of you want to look your best when you are out there on the job site and have a professional look for yourself and staff, so I have a suggestion for all.

Lawn Care Business Uniform

Lawn Care Business Uniform

If you don’t have a big budget for purchasing these items for yourself or your staff, here’s an idea. I came across this when our linen company representative came by last week. I ask him if his company had any used outfits for sale that are in good condition. He said that his company has a wide variety of them for my choosing. He told me to name a color and style and he was sure that they had it. I said ok, I would like a short shelve shirt with a collar that buttons and shorts that are comfortable. Preferable an off gray or dark green. He said ok I’ll see you next week.

Next week he came in with our linen and handed me my new lawn care outfits. They looked like they were brand new and weren’t warn at all. I said WOW they look new and how much. He said $10.00 for 2 shirts and 2 shorts. You can’t go to Wally World and get them for that cheap. What a deal. I now have a better professional look and my look was good before.

Most of you can get in contact with your local linen company and see if the have used outfits for you to buy. Maybe if you need to supply your staff you might be able to get a price break due to the amount. Some names of companies that come to mind are, Unifirst, National, Alsco, Angelica and the list can go on. Just look it up in your telephone book and give them a call.

Lawn Care Uniform

Lawn Care Uniform

Here are some pics of the uniforms that I received from my linen company. I bought 2 shorts and 2 shirts for $10.00. They have a plethora of used colors, styles and sizes. They look and feel brand new. If you wanted to have a look for yourself or crew maybe this is the way to go. I know that it would be too hot in some areas to wear but the look would be nice and professional.

Lawn Care Uniform

Lawn Care Uniform

Maybe this can help some of you. It helped me.”

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