Lawn care business startup costs.

If you are looking to start your own lawn care business but are unsure of the kind of costs other lawn care business owners paid to get started up you should consider these thoughts from our friend Sherman and join in on the discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.

Sherman: “Well this was the first season of my lawn care business and I have done really well. When I was putting everything in place to get going I had to make a decision on what type of equipment to start with and how much I was going to spend. At this time I was doing handyman work and was wanting to switch to lawn care because housing took such a dive, and so did the work. So after all the research I did this is what I went with:

  • A new consumer. Toro zero turn 42″ with a 21hp Kohler ( $2400.00)
  • A new Echo trimmer ($199.00)
  • A used Echo back pack blower ($100.00)
  • A used echo edger ( $75.00)
  • A new Anderson 8×10 trailer ($1050.00)
  • Trimmer racks ($69.00)
  • Racks welded on ($35.00)
  • 2, 5gal gas cans and 2, 2.5gal can ($ 54.00) rakes and ext..
  • I had, truck i had, Insurance ($159.00) down
  • $69.00 a month lic (county & city $45.00 & $34.00)

Lawn care business start up

Now I Spent $4220.00 on getting equiped. Now I ran an add in the penny saver that cost me $97.89 for 8 runs (1 month) Web site built and hosted ($99.00) built it myself with some help from the free Gopher lawn care business web templates and some help with content from a gopher member (thank you again) Then i had 5000 door hangers printed ($173.50)

So to get started i have a total of ($4590.39) invested.

I got started the first of July, well really mid june with 3 of my handy man accts I cut with a push mower. Any way All this equipment has done very well, even cut 5 lawn care accounts with the Toro and the grass was 2 ft tall, it held up great.
Well, I now have 58 accts, 6 annual accts made all my start up money back and have $3692 saved towards a new commercial mower that i should have enough for if as planed by mid July next year.
Hope this gives some insight to those thinking of starting up. And again thank you Steve for all your help, and Thank you Chuck for all your help when i was getting started, your insight was what got me going in the right direction.”

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