Lawn care business quote card example.

If you have been looking for some ideas to create your own lawn care quote card, check out what this Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum member put together and was using to promote his Spring lawn care services.

He wrote “My lawn care marketing plan this year is to visit a few neighborhoods and just write the mowing price on the lawn care quote card and leave it at the door. I am not looking to be the most expensive top notch lawn care operator out there. Instead I’d rather offer an affordable solution to homeowners in my area that don’t have the time or means to care for their own lawns or just need some additional help.

I think by doing this with the quote cards, it may actually show customers that professional lawn care isn’t expensive.

lawn care quote card

lawn care quote card

I usually try distributing the lawn care quote cards during the day sometime between 10 am and maybe 4 pm. I haven’t done any weekends yet.

I stopped at a Realtor’s office earlier this week and talked to a few of the ladies in the office. We discussed a few ideas on how we could possibly work together in improving their home sales by improving the properties that surround the homes. They were very interested in boosting the curb appeal on their properties. They are finding it difficult now to sell homes and thought the idea of adding a years worth the lawn and yard maintenance was a great idea. They felt it added a lot of value to the property at little cost to the seller. As I was leaving they asked for a quote for everything. Cutting, edging, trimming and some landscape work for a rock bed they have around their office building.

I’ve also talked to a few friends in different businesses and just general friends and family as I was passing by the place and they have said my quotes are very competitive for my area, so that helped me feel like I was on target.

The problem I am having is I am not getting any calls. It’s very confusing. I feel like I am missing something. Do you think having an out of state area code on the card could effect calls?”

I think that could play a big role in the success of your lawn care marketing campaign. If your phone number on the card shows an out of state area code, it might cost the home owner more money to call you and they also might feel you are too far away to provide the kind of service they need.

“I wasn’t sure how big of an issue this may be but it could be a big problem. The phone number area code I have been using is an out of state number. I live close to the state line, about 5 minutes away and because of that my area code is different. Could it help if I get a local number or at least one with the area code to the area I am offering lawn care?”

A number of factors may effect the success of your lawn care marketing campaign. Are you handing out enough cards? Quite often we see a response rate of between 1 - 2 % so if you hand out 100 cards, you might get 1 or two return calls.

The time you are distributing the cards might be wrong too! The more you talk to people, the better your chance is of selling them your services. Look at the example you gave us with stopping in at the Realtor’s office. You talked to them for a few and they asked for a bid. That’s the way to do it! Knowing this, you might decide to distribute your cards after dinner or on the weekends when the homeowner is available.

Lastly, if there is even a consideration that your phone number may be turning customers away, you need to change it. Get another cell phone or get one of those internet phone services that forward a number to your current cell phone.

Remove as many obstacles as possible between you and your customers and you will find more success.

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