Lawn care business flyer example.

What do you do when you can’t find the exact lawn care flyer template you want to represent your lawn care business? You make your own up from scratch of course! That is what a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum did when he shared with us a little about his new lawn care marketing campaign.

He wrote “here is my lawn care flyer that I designed myself. Believe it or not I did it using Word. So for those who think they can’t put together a flyer that stands out unless you have some high dollar graphic program, think again. The only thing I paid for was to have it printed. It cost me around $150 and they also corrected any grammar issues they found for free. I have been getting a bunch of from it now so I know it is working.

Besides going door to door, another way I will be distributing them is through a local pizzeria. I will be getting together with my local pizza places to put them attached to the boxes.

Where did I find the inspiration for the design? Well I figured I wanted to make this flyer stand out. I looked at a handful of competitor’s flyers and I just wasn’t impressed with them. I feel this one is definite eye grabber. To give a few pointers to others who are wanting to make their own flyers, remember to use a lot of color. You want to be able to stand out from every one else. Also don’t be afraid to use a lot of text. Many times, if a potential customer doesn’t see a service they need, they will throw your flyer away. Finally, make some kind of offer to get the potential customer to call by offering some sort of discount or sale.

My lawn care flyer says:

If you have property and want it maintained to it’s utmost beauty, we are the company you are looking for. That’s our promise…
Walkways • Patios • Full Lawn Care • Landscape Design & Installation

Here are a few Services we provide
FREE Estimates Edging
Sod installation, Curbing,
Landscape Design/Install, Driveway Sealing
Stump grinding, Pavers
Minor irrigation repair, Walkways/driveways
Landscape renovation, General Cleanup
New lawn installation, Gutter/Roof Cleanup
Over seeding, Low risk Tree Removal
Aeration, Mulching
Color Installation, Snow removal/Ice Control
And much much more……

A little about us:
We thrive for customer satisfaction. If you are tired of the hassle of fly-by-night lawn
maintenance companies that are here today, gone tomorrow, if you are having
difficulties with your present lawn care provider, please give us the opportunity to
properly maintain your lawn to its fullest potential.

Some of the little things we strive to provide our customers with:

  • All employees are dressed in uniform.
  • We leave all gates the way we found them
  • We blow all debris and dust caused by our service off hard surfaces driveways, patios and walks.
  • We blow all grass clippings and debris out of flower beds.
  • We don’t allow grass to clump from damp weather conditions, we vacuum all clippings.
  • We don’t allow any weeds in beds, as long as beds have an adequate amount of mulch.

Customers we accept:
We accept all customer’s, no job is too big or too small. We provide services to residential, commercial, and industrial. And we care about everyone.”

Here is what my lawn care flyer looks like.

lawn care flyer template

lawn care flyer template

Here is my lawn care business card:

lawn care business card

lawn care business card

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