Lawn Care Business Flyer Door to Door distribution advice.

For every lawn care business start up that exists today, there is a theory on how best to distribute lawn care flyers door to door. Everyone seems to have their own way to do it. Everyone thinks their way is the best way. Some put flyers in the door without knocking. Some put flyers in the mailbox. Some knock on the doors first. But which one of these will give you the best return on your efforts and money? Let’s see what some of the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum had to say about this topic.

Lawn Care Flyer Distribution

Lawn Care Flyer Distribution

One member said “I remember exactly how it was when I was first starting up my lawn care business. I would spend-spend-spend and then wonder why I wasn’t getting slammed with new customers! Flyers ARE great, but what’s better is FACE TO FACE time with a customer and a professional image! I would recommend creating a ’script’ of sorts and practice in front of a mirror so that your delivery is smooth and not forced. Get your opening lines down for when you first greet a “P.C.” (potential customer) and most importantly BE YOURSELF.

After sending out 1,000’s of lawn care flyers myself, I decided to invest in a ‘uniform’ shirt. It was just a pocket t-shirt, but it had my logo and I also got some hats. I would typically wear khaki or green work shorts and work boots too. And when the weather is cooler, khaki or green work pants. Blue jeans (and certainly not “cut-offs”) were not part of my uniform. I just think it made me look ‘unprofessional.’

Once I started actually knocking on the doors and TALKING to people, as I would gain their confidence and hopefully their business, I would then hand them a flyer, a fridge magnet and then…CLOSE THE DEAL. “Would you like me to get started on this right away? I could begin by…..” You have to ASK for the order! Once you have them to this point, you know your time, your money, your effort–was all spent much more wisely than “throwing darts blindfolded at balloons.”

Another added ” The best thing to do from experience.

Collect flyers from other lawn care companies one year before you start & months before the start date of your first year. Look at the pros & cons, & get to work on creating your own lawn care flyer!

Distributing lawn care business flyers can get very expensive and it costs me valuable time. I also have to rely on many people, & when they decide to work making flyers, is when I’m out of time & have to rush.

I had an extra 1,000 lawn care flyers created Tuesday night. I took the day off to think & relax… Wednesday, I went & handed out 1,000 flyers by myself, & tomorrow is my last day before May. I still have to bust my *** to make this work. It never ends, not until your getting paid.

My thoughts;

You will never be done advertising even after you’ve been door-to-door to every possible house in several cities. I started off with 500 flyers, nothing happened, 12,000 flyers later I’m still preparing to mass print more. I might put together a team of 6 to hand them out for me at $10/hr, if I save on supplies I can spend on workers at least this one time.

You have to advertise when other companies do, & keep up with them. Most of them do the same homes 3 times! So your mission is to do so as well. Others may also use direct marketing so they don’t have to bust their *** handing out flyers, but the cost to do this is ridiculous.

Handing out flyers

1st time: Before lawn service is needed, this reminds customers it’s almost time, they usually toss it in the trash.
I got 4 calls per 100 flyers.

2nd time: Customers are taking the time to see what you offer compared to other services, it’s still too early for them to give a damn. They will consider it when the time comes. In the garbage again!
This time I got 7 calls per 100 flyers.

3rd time: It’s late, but the grass is looking good. Customers might have thrown out your competitions flyers & now have only you as their savior & last minute option. At this point lawn service is serious & needed.
I got 20 calls per 100 flyers.

4th time: yet to be fully discovered by me, but I believe if you can do it, you should!”

Keep all these thoughts in mind when you go out there marketing your lawn care business. Sometimes all you need to do is change one little element in your marketing strategy to really find success.

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