Lawn care business classified ad review.

It can be difficult coming up with a classified ad’s wording. Here are a couple of lawn care classified ads that an entrepreneur put together to promote himself online. He asked the members of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum to help make it better and got a few constructive points that will help him and you too.

One lawn care business owner wrote “how are my prices and my ad? I am planning on submitting it to various local online classified ad sites.

Best Rates on Lawn Service and Maintenance. Basic $550/season!

Best rates on Full Service lawn maintenance in your area.

  • Basic lawn cutting starts at $550/season (mowing, trimming and removing clippings from sidewalk and driveway)
  • Lawn patching, fertilization and seeding start at $60 per visit or a package deal for 4 visits in the season staring at $200
  • Aerating starts at $40
  • Complete lawn cutting/trimming, maintenance,fertilization, aerating and spring/fall clean up starting at $1000 for the entire season. (That’s only approx. $165/month!)
  • Mulching, Thatching, Gutter cleaning, Pressure washing and other Touch-Up services available at an extra charge.

Call for a free quote for your commercial or residential properties.

Come on board with me and I will make your grass look beautiful ALL season. I can take your lawn from the ugly duckling to a prize of your street.
Sign up for the season of lawn cutting/trimming starting at only $550 and I visit your property every 10-11 days!

All brand new equipment, very professional and satisfaction guaranteed! We use only the best and safest products for your lawn. All fertilizer is safe for kids and animals to play on right away.

Aerating will ONLY be done for one week at the end of MAY once the ground is a bit drier. Book your spot now!

Here is the second ad I am wanting to use too.

Professional Aeration Services starting at $40

I am offering aeration services in the your area. Please call me to book your appointment to have your lawn professionally aerated starting at the low cost of only $40 (Front/Back Lawn). Help your lawn breath again and let it flourish! Combine this with my very inexpensive lawn patching, fertilization and seeding package for the best your lawn can look. I also do mowing and trimming, I am your full service one stop Yard professional.

For lawn patching, fertilization and seeding I will visit your property and apply top end organic products that are safe for your children and animals to play on immediately 4 times during the season!

All brand new equipment, very professional, honest and satisfaction guaranteed! We use only the best and safest products for your lawn. All fertilizer is safe for kids and animals to play on right away.

Do not get fooled by guys with tiny aerators wanting to do the job just a bit cheaper. Get top results with a professional job!

Call Bob for you quote today, no hidden fees just what I quote and that’s it. - 888-134-2253

10% Discount if prepaid at time of quote.
I will beat ANY professional quote so call me first and save your time!

A second lawn care business owner said “first thing is to check the spelling in ad. You missed a few words there. Also it’s always better to advertise your lowest price. Promote your per mow price rather than a big price like per season. Big prices tend to scare customers. But you may also find not posting prices to be the best solution. Ideally you would rather make the sale in person than try to rely on an ad to make the sale.

When you do it in person, you can potentially command a higher price and get additional upsells based on what you see at the property.”

A third shared “all in all it is a good ad for online classified sites and you should receive some response from it. Why only mow every 10-11 days? That would be a scheduling nightmare for me. You really need to try and shoot for weekly mowings. It’s easier to schedule and it makes you more money throughout the year.

And one last thing, your last statement in the ad doesn’t work. When you say you will beat any professional quote, it sounds like you are not calling yourself a professional. You might want to consider changing that wording a bit and consider why you are trying to compete on price instead of spotlighting your quality. Better quality mowing pays better than lowest price mowing.”

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