Lawn care business cards with special offer on them.

Promoting special offers in your lawn care marketing material can be a great way to fill up your mowing schedule. As your route gets filled, you can then bid your jobs higher to improve your profit margin and get rid of lower profitable jobs. Here is a great example of promoting special offers on business cards from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. After reading this discussion, you may never want to create another single sided bland lawn care business card again!

One lawn care business owner wrote “this year I decided not to hand out flyers as I have found them to be too expensive for the amount I need. They also take too much time to fold even with a folding machine so I am going a different route.

I created new lawn care business cards, which I will use one side to promote a special offer. The offer is for a free fall cleanup. I ran this promotion last year and it worked well. The jobs were simple, quick, and inexpensive for me. I feel giving away a leaf cleanup is well worthwhile when selling an annual lawn care service. If I didn’t have the equipment to do the job fast it would be a different story, but I have a nice leaf vac set up so life is good.

Lawn care business card.

Lawn care business card.

On the flip side of the business card I put a calendar. This allows me to stamp them each month, I also keep track of this in my home office, if the customer makes their payment on time. This way, if they made all their payments, they will receive the offer.

I got the lawn care business cards printed online and added a glossy finish to them. The cost for 2,000 of my new lawn care business cards was about $120.00. I have given away a total of around 3,000 cards last year and this years should bring my grand total to 5,000.

The reason for all this marketing is that I am wanting to expand out of my immediate service area. My area is getting flooded with competition, if I travel outwards a bit I am finding I can charge more.

The most I can charge in my area for mowing with all of my competitors is around $85.00 a month! It’s really bad, but if I can push into the outer areas where the properties are larger I am hoping to get more than $100 per customer per month.

Having a hook or gimmick in your marketing can really help you sell more. When a potential customer gets one of my lawn care business cards, they can compare the value they are getting from me to that of a competitor who won’t offer any add on services for free. For the customer, the choice then becomes an easy one.”

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