Landscaping with shorts or long pants?

Do you wear shorts or long pants when you are out mowing lawns? Your answer may depend on your geographic location, or it might depend on the weather. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we hear from some entrepreneurs who are talking about what types of protection they wear when they mow lawns.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I can’t wear long pants when landscaping. The only time I do is if I know I’m working with brush, or doing heavy/nasty trimming.

I bought a pair of athletic pants that are lightweight and breathable that I keep in the truck so I can slip them on over my shorts if I happen upon something that is going to be more than the typical trim.

The drawback is that I get a small touch of poison ivy near my ankles from time to time from trimmer splatter.

My socks? Meh. They are my work socks now. They are a permanent shade of dull-white with grass stains. I work to always throw debris away, so getting hit on the legs is minimized, but it still happens.

Shorts or long pants really depends on the type of work you are doing. Some people are going full-tilt at knocking down large amounts of tall grass/weeds, getting their hands dirty, and overall just fighting with mother nature.

I push a mower around a well-maintained lawn, then walk the perimeter with a string trimmer to get the 4″ blades of grass that the mower didn’t get. You don’t need protection for that sort of work.

lawn-shorts-2 I also wear those athletic, polyester wicking shirts and shorts because they are SO much more comfortable. They are MUCH, MUCH cooler, and don’t get sweat-soaked the way a typical cotton t-shirt does. Any sweat that does get on them dries within a few minutes - usually between jobs.

These shirts cost a lot more than a basic t-shirt, but I don’t feel like a nasty slob while wearing them. The drawback is that they snag easily, so they are a horrible choice for someone doing more than just mowing. If I know I’m going to be hacking down overgrown shrubs, or trimming a tree, or otherwise getting my hands dirty, I wear something more durable (and maybe long pants) - and sweat like a pig.”

A second lawn care business owner responded “with the temperature in the 110 to 120 degree range ( in the sun) and humidity in the 90% range I wear shorts all the time. Well a few days in the winter I will put on long pants.

I have a set of ‘chaps’ that my wife made for me, that cover the front of my legs when I am line trimming heavy stuff, most of the time no problems. I also have a pair of socks that I cut the toe out of and pull then higher on my legs.”

A third shared “I only wear long pants from November to April. Once the weather breaks I wear shorts. Then I don’t touch pants until it gets cold again.

It makes doing laundry easier and I can wash more clothes per load as well as shorts are cheaper then pants and I would rather have a million holes in my legs than deal with the heat. It is at the point now that even though my legs get badly cut up especially from trimming that the skin on my legs is tougher than the leather on the boots I wear and I don’t even feel the pain anymore.”

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