Is your lawn care business overlooking great opportunities?

Have you taken a moment lately to consider if you are missing potential business just because you didn’t see it or were simply looking past it? This happens plenty of times to all of us and it is quite amazing the results we can find when we think about what we are missing. Here is a great example of that from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. I hope this situation gets you to think about how much more work is in your immediate area, if only you open your eyes to look for it.

One lawn care business owner wrote “at the moment, I am down a staff member who does snow removal for me, so I decided to do his snow plowing route today which is very close to home. We had a big snow storm last night which dumped a lot of snow on us, yet this morning it is a beautiful day here with lots of sun and that always brings folks out.

One lake over from me had been undeveloped until just last year. It is a 10 minute drive on the tractor which is fine.

I was heading home after finishing his route when I was flagged down by a man driving his car. He told me he owned a home in this new area and needed help plowing out his driveway. For what ever reason, I do very few landscape jobs close to home, there is no real reason to it other than it hasn’t been my target market. Anyhow it was almost noon, I had been out for 5 hours but no problem. I gave him a quote based on what he told me, took his credit card information, and headed into this new area.

As I drove there I saw a lot of homes that needed to be plowed. I did his home first then I thought forget the plowing, this is a new area that would offer me a great opportunity for landscaping in the spring. So as I started back, I stopped at every house that needed to be plowed. Many of the home owners had already headed to work so I left a card in their door. To my delight, there were quite a few spouses at home that said yes and wanted to be put me on my lawn care list for spring. I wasn’t turned down by one which I found interesting.

To each home owner, I took the time to explain we are a neighborhood company and offer landscaping also. I was amazed at the interest and yes thankfully I had plenty of business cards on me. If it all comes through, I bet I picked up an easy twenty grand of lawn care and landscaping work for later in the spring.

In a little while, I have to go back out as people are getting home and I now have three more calls but as I was heading down our street earlier I thought of the phrase ‘I overlooked an Orchid while searching for a Rose.’ The point being, our business expansion could be in our back yard, and we may miss it. Just something to ponder.”

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