Is my new lawn care business on track?

We all want to know where we stand compared to others in the industry that have been in business for a similar time we have been. Are we ahead of others or are we lagging behind? It’s impossible to know if we live our lives in a vacuum. That is why a new lawn care business owner wrote to us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and shared with us his story and where his business is currently at, in hopes of finding if he is on track or not.

He wrote “I started a lawn care company 2 and 1/2 months ago and I currently have 38 lawn care customers. One is a bank, two are churches and the rest are 35 residential properties. Do you think I’m off to a good start?”

I sounds like you are blazing a trail right now. Good job on everything! Can you give us some insight as to what got you to start your business and what kind of marketing you have been doing to land so many clients so quickly?

“I worked in a factory for 17 years and got sick from all the fumes. The doctor took me out so I was sitting around making no money. In the past I worked for two lawn care companies for about 4 seasons in total. That got me thinking and I decided to start my own lawn care business. I started with a push mower and a battery powered weed eater. I made about 500 fliers and started to go door to door. By doing this, I got 4 customers my first week. I could only cut 1 a day because of the weed eater.

I then made another 500 fliers and passed them out. That brought me up to 10 customers. From there I bought a used 48″ scag walk behind for $850.00, a 33″ mower for $400.00, and a cheap gas powered weed eater for $70.00. Next I bought a blower for $130.00.

For days, I have passed out over 2000 fliers. If I’m not cutting grass I pass out fliers for 8 to 10 hours. I am very dedicated to this and I have plans to have a nice size company. I work 7 days a week at this. It is very hard work, as you know, but I just keep moving. Next season I hope to have some apartment complexes. That’s about it. It’s all just hard work and dedication.”

Another lawn care business owner wrote “it sounds like your flyers are working very well compared to what most people talk about with flyer response, I am curious if you have a very attractive/well written flyer if that is the difference.

Most people say their flyers have a very low on response rate of about 1%. That is was why I am wondering why yours were seem to be working better. It sounds like your right near that %, you have just put out alot of flyers in a short time.

Are you getting your customers on any sort of an agreement/contract?”

“No, my flyers are nothing fancy just card stock paper black and white no color. I have changed what it says a couple of times I think my prices are in the middle range for my area. I charge $25.00 min. for a basic yard. I have about 8 yards that are $30.00, 1 is $35.00 the church is $70.00 and the other is $45.00. My wife told me I passed out 5,000 fliers so far, so I would think that I would have more customers from it actually.

I don’t have any coupons on the flyers. I just put them on the door as I pass them out. I’m getting some calls this week from people that live on a street that I did over a month ago! Imagine that! So that should be proof people save flyers and they work.

I am not using contracts this season. I will next season though. I lost 4 customers already. One lady said her husband doesn’t like to pay for lawn care so he is making his son who is about 8 cut the grass. Another guy said he was moving and he did not need me to mow his lawn. Another guy just won’t pay me and I’m tired of calling him so I’m not going to cut his lawn anymore. I have to tell you, this has been quite an experience and I’m learning some valuable business lessons.”

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