Interlocking retaining walls and crushed stone delivery.

The longer your business is around and operating, the more times you are going to find yourself being asked if you would offer this service or that. Before you brush off a request on a service you have yet to offer, consider this story from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. One entrepreneur decided to investigate a new service and found it wasn’t as difficult as he thought to perform the service. In the end, it opened his eyes to a new grouping of services that made him a lot of money.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have been asked several times lately if I would build an interlocking retaining wall for various customers. I have been turning them away until last week.

One of the local manufacturer or interlocking blocks had a free information session on retaining wall construction, so I decided to go and see what it is all about. I have built dozens of retaining walls with 6′ X 6′ timbers but have never man made a rock wall.

In short, I found that construction of such walls doesn’t require hardly any tools. A 4 foot level, plumb line, hammer, shovel, rake, hoe and that is about it. One does have to prepare the base though. You could rent a mini excavator to speed this up or do it by hand if you have good soil to work with.

Buy crusher rock in bulk and make good money on small deliveries.

Buy crusher run rock in bulk and make good money on small deliveries.

I spent an hour with a backhoe digging a trench 14″ wide, 12″ deep and 32′ feet long, filled it with 6″ 3/4 clear stone then 2″ crusher dust, compacted, and had the guys start the first row. We checked everything to ensure it was flat with a level and plumb line. Checked the back to ensure it was straight, guys filled the openings inside the rock with crusher dust and I left to do another job.

I came back 6 1/2 hours later as they called and said they were done. I went to the site, and found the results were amazing. The wall is about 32″ high. I spent 1/2 hour back filling the wall and then we left.

There is very good money in offering this service. I charge $200.00 for the backhoe, $45.00 for 3/4″ rock (cost about $15.00), $105.00 for crusher dust (cost $32.00) and $945.00 to build the wall (staff salary costs $ 195.00 + $100.00 as I gave them each a $50.00 bonus for doing a great job).

The other thing I did a few weeks ago as I do a lot of jobs where I only need, for example a thousand pounds of rock, it’s crazy expensive to have such a small amount delivered and many places simply won’t. So I cleared an area on my property and now buy tandem loads of crusher dust, 3/4 Clear, Crusher run, top soil, garden soil and mulch. Because I am a contractor, I receive a discount from the quarry. As I need the product, I have two small dump trailers that will haul around 1,500 pounds max. I simply use a loader and put the amount required for the job. The markup I am using is close to 300% before transportation costs and my/staff time. It works perfect, if you have room, and is definitely something to consider.”

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