Ideas on how your lawn care business can sell better.

Are you looking for more ways to improve your sales skills? A new member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us some of sales secrets. He wrote “I have 7 years of sales experience in retail and business. What got me to start my lawn care business is one day when I was speaking to my neighbor about getting loam and seeds for his front yard and I told him I could do it and gave him a quote. He liked and accepted it. So I did the math and my profit was only $300.00. Yes that’s for a day but I wanted more. Am I greedy? Yes but that’s what makes the world go round. So I used my sales skills and up sold him a retaining wall, plants, landscape lighting as well as a walkway. Now my profit was higher and he was happy.”

What kinds of sales tips would you suggest for newer startup lawn care business owners? Could you offer any advice on this?

“The first thing I would suggest is do not offer the sale, ask for it. What I mean by that is, don’t say ‘oh I can buy mulch and lay it and spread it for you if you like.’ Instead say ‘I noticed you need mulch over there because the rain washed most of it away. When would you like me to place the order for you? It will cost …..’ Then the customer will think ‘hmm, well you’re the professional, saying that I need it. So can we get it today or tomorrow?’

Another thing to consider is compliments help in your sales pitch. You might want to say things like ‘oh Mr. Johnson I love your front yard and house I would love such a nice house & yard like yours.’ Customers love when you compliment their house. If you do that and build trust with them, you will have a client who will keep calling you and tell his friends about you.

I have done jobs where I was in sales before and I have learned how to read and talk to people. My all time favorite thing to do is to upsell. Say you get a call about an ad you placed online or in the local newspaper. You go over to their home and estimate it. Don’t forget to compliment the potential customer by saying nice house Mrs. Smith, you know a nice slate walkway with some pretty flowers and lights along it would be great for curb appeal. The next thing you will see is the customer looking to you to tell them how much it will cost.

I do my own marketing and I have found that sending flyers through the mail doesn’t work. So instead I ordered a shirt and some business cards. I also go door to door. I have some public places that let me place some flyers in their store business cards as well.

The biggest marketing mistake I see others do is leaving a crummy black and white flyer or a flyer that is boring at someone’s door. A boring flyer would be one that uses a title line like ‘We Offer Great Deals.’ Everyone and their grandmother use such a title line. What I do instead on my flyers is I say ‘Don’t Let Your Lawn Fall Into Disrepair, Call The Team That Can Make Your Dreams Come True’ or ‘We Work For You And Your Lawn Why Wait? Call Today.’ I will also put catchy pictures and words on my flyers.

Not only is marketing a good way to get sales but having knowledge about the landscaping field. If you were hiring a crew to mow your lawn and build a retaining wall, you would want the lawn care business owner to be knowledgeable about their field. Knowledge is very important. I have explained to my neighbors and friends a problem with something in their lawn and then I follow it up by how I could fix it. I will point things out like how to remove crab grass or how to install an irrigation system. And what helps is to STUDY STUDY STUDY. You might think you know everything, but you need to realize you don’t. You need to read every night about landscaping and watch how to videos. I listen and watch how to videos to see how they do things. I also get ideas and learn new ways to explain things to customers. I have a $10,000 contract coming up for a condo association because I knew what I was talking about and how to present it. Because of that the association president liked me.

Some of the other things  I am doing to promote my lawn care business is to place flyers in a local pizzeria. I went back 3 days later to get a drink and check on the flyers and they were all gone. The owner told me that people were taking them left and right. I am also working with realtors in my area to get added to their contact data base, if someone is buying or selling a house and is in need of a landscaper to add curb appeal to their property or clean the area up.

What I do is when driving around during the day if I see a residential or commercial property for sale, I will call the realtor and let them know I am available any time they have a yard that needs to be cleaned up or landscaped.”

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