I lost a lawn care customer today and couldn’t be happier.

Sometimes you will get lawn care customers who becomes the bane of your existence. Having to deal with just a few of such customers can really negatively impact you and change the way you feel about your business. Difficult customers can be difficult to please and when they move on, it tends to remind you how much better life is without them. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we see how having a bad customer leave can really bring back the joy you once had in your business.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I just lost one of my long term customers for the past 8 years and I couldn’t be more relieved. He had gotten remarried a year ago and his new wife had made several changes in the yard, flower beds, many new trees, small fish pond, etc. Each time she made a change it added more and more work to the yard that I maintained. She didn’t think it should cost her more because in her mind, she was creating less mowing.

I don’t really want to lose any lawn care accounts this time of the year but this one was welcomed. She had bought a new mower last week and told me she wanted to try and do it herself. I’m sure she can mow it without a problem in two days! It’s the details she will soon learn, trimming, spraying, etc, that truly makes a yard look nice or not.

I am glad to have passed that big yard on to someone else, better yet to the ex-customer themselves.

After going through this kind of situation over the years I have seen these troubled customers keep trying to come back after they experimented with cutting their own lawn. To make it worth my time and try to minimize such problem customers, I made it a policy to raise the prices of anyone who does this and then wants to rehire me. Though I must say, what I should really be doing is raising the prices on them as soon as they start becoming difficult.”

A second lawn care business owner said “I also just lost a lawn care customer and am very happy to see them go. The guy was always complaining about being charged extra for extra work. He never seemed to be satisfied, no matter what I did. I have seen the ‘new guy’ mowing his property now and I clued him in on this customer. He said ‘thanks, I think that I will raise his rate. I hate working for guys like him.’ I hope he does.”

A third added “I lost one a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t be happier about it! He bought his own mower. A big business man with 4 kids and 3 acres. He said he’d call me back if it didn’t work out. I told him good luck. I’m thinking he can just find someone else if it doesn’t ‘work out’.

I also hate it when customers ask me to mow lower in order to try and minimize the amount of mowings their lawn needs in a month. I try to explain to them I can’t mow too low otherwise I will scalp their grass. Some people just baffle me. Who the hell would want their yard mowed down to the dirt? I lost a yard on Thursday due to this the guy telling me he would no longer need me this season as he is thinking the growing season is about to end, but if I’m still mowing next season then give him a call. I was like what ever bud.

Oh and my other favorite line is ‘your job isn’t even that hard we should only pay you $15 dollars.’ I had this one customer I had to stop working for as they always complained I was too expensive and then inevitably I would have to beat their door down to get paid. They came crawling back two summers later wanting me to mow again and I just said I’ll think about it and never got back to them.”

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