I am going to try to be a snow removal subcontractor again this winter.

Offering sub-contractor services for snow removal can be a good source of revenue during the slower months. However as we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, there are a lot of ways things can go wrong. If you want to offer snow removal services, you may want to consider all of your options after reading through this.

One lawn care business owner said “winter is coming around again and it is yet another year I have done nothing to build up my own snow plowing client base. So I figured I had two choices when it came to offering snow removal this winter.

  1. Start from scratch and build my client base up slowly with each passing year.
  2. Become a sub-contractor and get a fast, guaranteed income.

I chose the second option because I would rather have guaranteed money to spend on making my lawn maintenance service more productive. I feel like I just didn’t have time to waste building up my own snow route. The competition is tough around here for snow removal and I feel like I am not ready for that. I could have found a different job for the winter, but I like to run my own show, so this is the next best thing.

There are some draw backs to this decision though. Dealing with a competitor is not fun. Everyone tends to have their guard up, and I feel uncomfortable dealing with them. Negotiating payment is tricky, because we can’t ‘out fox‘ each other, we both know how the game works, and we both want the better deal for ourselves. I always feel as if it is their intention to burn me.

The deal is I will be making approximately 62.50% per walkway. I’ll send the company an invoice, per month for all the work that I did. With all the clients they say they have lined up, I should be making $3,000/month during the winter months.

We’ll see what happens. I had some interesting moments with this competitor in the past which I hope will not come into play this winter. I should be ok. They are just as awful as I am with communication, so I feel slightly at home yet annoyed.

I had a major payment issue a few years ago, with another company that I was doing some sub-contracting for. They withheld payment from me for about a year. Eventually after a few threats, they made good.

It was really tough dealing with them as they were extremely desperate, in a greedy way more than anything. If you’ve got a weakness, they’d use it against you. Their mission was always to always hide until they can’t hide from you no more. A lot of companies are like this, it’s CHEAP. If you don’t ask for your money, you wont get it - and they hope you never ask.

They had a lot of ideas thrown around until the very last minute and then they would change the way things ran. They would do anything to buy them more time to avoid paying.

I just hope everything works out ok. I will make sure they pay me on time or my services won’t continue.”

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