How your landscaping business can make $200,000 in a month.

$200,000 in one month? Is your lawn care or landscaping business able to do that? Well if you’re not there yet, read this article and find out how to do it.

If you are looking to grow your lawn care and landscaping business you need to think big. Let’s take a look into how one of our Gopher Lawn Care Business forum members made close to $200,000 in one month.

How your lawn care business can make $200,000 in a month

How your lawn care business can make $200,000 in a month

In a post on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we were talking about the importance of internet marketing. Both ranking high in search engine results as well as spending money on advertising.

One of the first types of internet advertising we discussed is something called geo-targeted ads. These are ads that appear on the screens of users who live within certain geographic areas. How does the ad know which computer to appear on? It determines it by using the i.p. address of the computer. Jim gave us some insight as to how to create such an ad and their effectiveness.

Jim: “You simply create an ad (takes a few minutes), set your bid price, activate geo-targeting inside your Google Adwords account settings, and then you can even go in and tell Google exactly which websites you for-sure want them to go after.

I spend way less than $70 a month to have our ads pop up on website via Google Geo targeting ads.

But I’ll warn you, geo-targeting ads don’t produce a lot of calls. What really produces a lot of calls is being on top of Google in the organic listings. Type in “landscaping Portland Oregon” into Google and see who’s site comes up on top in the regular (organic) results. That’s what produces calls.

I don’t have geo-targeting set on all my ads. I don’t like those kind of ads much anyway. So I give them such a small bid that I don’t care so much if they occasionally appear outside the area I am targeting. I could spend the time to make every ad I have specifically geo-targeted, if I wanted. But the thing is sometimes my clients are away in California or have two homes or are just moving into our area. So most of my stuff is geared more toward specific key words more than it is geo targeted. And I pay so little for those little ads anyway, I don’t really care.

My PPC (price per click) main ads in Google and Yahoo, those I pay some serious dough for. The bid price on those is pretty high. But the bid price for these little text ads is like 40 cents and they rarely get clicked on. I spend less than $20 a month on those. So I’ve never felt the need to really get them totally dialed in like I would like them. It’s just additional advertising.

My main advertising is getting my site to the top of the Google organic listings. My fall-back is PPC advertising with Google and Yahoo. And then I have several other fall-backs to catch people too.”

Steve: “How much do you spend on pay per click ads and what kind of results can come from the pay per click ads? How big of a deal is click fraud when using these kinds of ads?”

Jim: “It’s a little expensive but well worth the results. For instance, last June our Google Adwords bill was a little over $1,350.00. But our total sales just for that month were $186,000. A good half of those jobs or so came from people finding us via a regular Google search. And back then, I didn’t know about SEO so my site wasn’t coming up on organic listings. It was only coming up via my PPC ad.

As for the click fraud you’re referring to. That doesn’t happen much, if at all. My analytics program allows me to track every single hit I get on my website, where it came from, what search term they used to find me (if they used a search engine), what their IP address is, which pages they checked out, how long they stayed on each page, what country they are from, what browser they are using, etc. I review that stuff fairly regularly. I’ve never seen someone who came to my site for just a few seconds (e.g. just to cause me a click rate charge) and left and did that repeatedly in the same day. I might be overlooking a few here and there. But I can tell by reviewing my analytics that most of the people visiting our site are legitimate interested parties and they are spending usually several minutes on the site.”

I hope this discussion gives you ideas and goals to shoot for. If you don’t have a website for your lawn care business, get one! Remember I have many free lawn care business website templates you can download and use. Also, learn a little about search engine optimization and last but not least, experiment with using yahoo and google adwords for your internet advertising.

If you would like to join in on this discussion further, visit this post at the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

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