How your driving can effect your business.

Here is something to think about when you are out driving around in your company vehicle. Every action you take on the public roads can be recorded. The good things you do may be forgotten but the bad things can be remembered for a long time and have a negative effect on your business. As we will see from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, a single small moment behind the wheel of a car can create lasting negative repercussions for your business.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I feel like I am a pretty good driver. After 30 years of driving, I have only got one speeding ticket. Nothing else beyond that. I’d like to think I am pretty level headed as well when I get behind the wheel. Which leads me to my story.

Today I was out today in the middle of a winter storm with heavy winds. I was taking my snow blower to the dealer for it’s yearly check up. As I am going through the tolls, there is a tractor trailer in front of me, one 1/2 ton and two cars to my right, and three cars to my left. I slow down a bit and let the 1/2 ton in on my right and then the orange car on my left. I then move forward in the line of traffic to get into the correct toll both line, except this little Toyota on my left thinks she can just speed up and cut in between me and the orange car.

That is when a little voice in the back of my head say no way. I keep my spot and they lay on the horn and flip me off. Next thing I know my cell phone is ringing. As it is illegal to talk and drive, I let the call go to voice mail. Once I get past the toll, I find a spot to pull over and call my voice mail.

The message goes like this. “Hello Joe’s Lawn Care, you just cut me off at the toll. I guess you know nothing about customer services you stupid S#!T. I am going to tell everyone I know just how mush of an A$$ you really are.” Needless to say I was pissed, so I called her back and left her a voice mail.

“Hello this is Joe of Joe’s Lawn Care. I don’t know how you drive in your area but in my area we are courteous and merge on a one on one basis, so in actuality, you were the one trying to cut me off. It is also illegal here to talk on your cell phone while driving you B!TC#.

Afterwards I kind of think I blew it calling her back, but it the whole experience just set me off. Well that was my fun for the day, other then watching my neighbors’ patio furniture blow down the street again.”

A second lawn care business owner said “my initial reaction to this was one of laughter. That she would call you and do that and then you called her back. There is something funny about that when you are not in the moment.

But on the flip side it makes you think. Whenever you are driving or out in public and are representing your business, it’s almost as if you have to be very conscious of it and be very polite in all that you do. This applies to employees too.

Now in this specific situation, I am pretty sure it will have no effect on your business, but can you imagine if this was a daily occurrence in your service area? It could have a negative impact on business. Not everyone will call to complain but they may make note of it and remember it.

Once you put your name on a vehicle, every action we take leaves an impression in the eyes of the public. As hard as it may be, it is critical to always take the high road, give in even if it goes against what may be right or wrong.

Now a days with the internet, it as if one is under a microscope 24/7, it only takes one to post a message that can go viral. What if she took a picture of your truck and added the voice mail you sent her, to a video? What if she posted that online? Shared it with friends on facebook? Shared it with the media and they picked up the story.

Things could get ugly, fast.”

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