How to win an $11,000 apartment lawn care bid.

Have you had the chance yet to submit a lawn care bid for a local apartment complex? If you haven’t because the job seems like it is overwhelming, why not take a moment and break down the job into simple parts. Compare the smaller parts to the lawn care work you are currently providing for others and then when you put it all together, you will have a bid you can submit. That is what one lawn care business owner did as he shared with us his story on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum on how he won his first commercial lawn care estimate.

He wrote “this is my first full year of running my lawn care business. I started in March and have done pretty well so far. I also have a full time job that I am keeping until I can make the transition to running my business full time. I’ve invoiced for 50 jobs over the summer which has given me some pretty good money in my pocket.

Just recently, I have been looking to find ways on how to get commercial lawn care customers and got hooked up with a property management company. They have sent me quite a few jobs in a short period of time. Mostly I go in and clean up the property for them to rent back out. I also provide some painting services for them as well. This has turned out to be a really good working relationship.

I perform weekly lawn care for about 5 other customers through them too. Well, the property management company just got a whole apartment/condo complex to manage, and they want me to give them a bid.

First, they will need a bid for initial clean up. Then a bid for yearly lawn care, sprinkler control, fertilizing and fall leaf clean up. Basically I will have to take care of everything. Twice a year I will need to prune all the hedges and trees.

Right now my lawn care company consists of just my wife and I. She helps me in many ways. She always jumps on my riding lawn mower and cuts the grass for me while I’m weed eating and will probably do the same here on this job.

My wife and I have been combing the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, walking the property and making lots of notes to create a bid that will be acceptable to them as well as us.

Apartment Lawn Care Bid Example

Apartment Lawn Care Bid Example

Description of Work:

Initial Clean Up:

Weed all flower beds, add bark/rocks as needed - $1,221.00

  • (36.8 hrs.) $921 for weeding, $300 for bark/rocks as needed

Spray weed control on all flower beds - $171.00

  • (2.8 hrs. + $100/chemicals)

Trim all hedges/bushes, remove debris - $736.00

  • (28.6 hrs. + $20 dump fees)

Clean overgrowth around tennis court-add rocks - $221.00

  • (6.8 hrs. + $50 rocks)

Remove all weeds in parking lot areas - $71.00

  • (2.8 hrs.)

Remove weeds off fence in dumpster area - $71.00

  • (2.8 hrs.)


One time jobs:

Cut down large weeds/trees around D bldg. - $705.00

  • (27 hrs. + $30 dump fees) add to initial clean up fees

Cut sod (8×10) and add rocks around electrical box - $200.00

  • (7 hrs. + $25 rocks)


Routine Care:

Mow, edge, weed eat, blow all lawn areas - $3,654.00

  • 29 mows @ $126 each (5 hrs.)

Weed control application as needed - $300.00

  • (8 hrs. + $100/chemicals)

Spring lawn aeration - $230.00

  • (4.2 hrs. + $120 rental)

Leaf clean up (3-4 times in fall) - $500.00

  • (5 hrs.X 4 times per yr.)

Fertilize grass (4 times spring, summer (2), fall) - $1,600.00

  • (8 hrs.x 4 applications + $800 for fetilizer)

Monitor and adjust sprinklers, replace heads as needed - $125.00

  • 5 hrs.

Sprinkler start up and blow out April/Oct. - $300.00


Yearly Clean up
Trim all hedges/bushes, remove debris March - $736.00

  • (28.6 hrs. + $20 dump fees)

Weed all flower beds - $921.00

  • (36.8 hrs.)


Normally the lady thinks I bid way too high (she’s pretty cheap!) but this is her first big property and we are both nervous.

At first it will just be me and the wife working on the weekends and evenings. This $11,000 bid will bring me real close to quitting my full time job.

To come up with the lawn care estimate, I took a look at property, measured everything and tried to determined how long each service would take me compared to other jobs I service. I then adjusted the bid from there. I charge on average $25.00 a hr for my services since I have very little overhead and a still have my full time job.

In the end, after taking the time to put the bid together, I was awarded the job! I hope others can benefit from this lawn care bidding experience I went through.”

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