How to use postcards effectively in your lawn care marketing.

Bob from shared with us his insight in how best to utilize postcards in your lawn care business marketing. He not only runs a marketing business for lawn care business owners, he also runs a lawn care business, so he has learned from years of experience.

Bob: The other day I had a customer ask if postcards are actually effective. I explained to him how they are actually one of the most efficient way to get customers. I personally get 90% of my new “lawn care” customers from direct mail/postcard mailings.

The one thing that people fail to do when doing postcards is this… Don’t send to a potential customer once!! It is IMPORTANT to mail to the same list numerous times during the year. If you have a list of 600 names and addresses, split it up into 3 groups and send 200 per month and alternate. This helps build name recognition, and the most importantly it helps you build denser routes.

The best part about this is the cost. If you only get 12 new customers a year, you still had a HUGE return on you investment.

Here is how it breaks down using Plan-It Graphics pricing.

5000 postcards $375 (design fee, and printing)

If you mailed out 200 per month, the cards would last 2 years.
Each month would cost $52 postage and $16 for the cards, TOTAL PER MONTH $68

I dare anyone to find a cheaper “cost per sale”! (I know there are cheaper ways but you know what I mean.)

This brings me to my next point…DOOR HANGERS. Not that I think they are ineffective, because they are very effective. But I do not think it’s a less expensive route, like most do.

Lets assume your time is worth $10.00 per hour, could you distribute 200 door hangers in 5.2 hours? ($52 postage divided by $10 per hour)

So this my 2 cents. Take it for what it’s worth. I hope this didn’t come across as a sales pitch. It wasn’t intend to be one.

Chestin of “Great points all around. Most small businesses make the mistake of doing ‘one shot mailings’. It’s a HUGE mistake.

Plus, they waste a ton of money trying to build a relationship with 5K prospects simultaneously instead of focusing on a smaller group (1,500 or so) over an extended period of time.

Run the numbers and you’ll always come out ahead by spending more time with a small group. Become the big fish to a smaller pond, slowly expand the size of the pond, and soon enough you’ll be the big fish in the big pond.”

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