How to use a squeeze page on your lawn care website.

One of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum members recently made a trade with a local publisher. He offered to do lawn care in return for ad space. In this discussion we learn how creating a ’squeeze page’ on your website can help you collect potential customer contact information to allow you to market to these people later via email. We also learn what your advertising should say in order to get as many people as possible to want to click through your internet banner advertisement.

Matt: “I made a trade with a local advertising business a few weeks ago for them to do a magazine ad for me in return for me to do her yard for so a certain period of time.

lawn care website squeeze page

I have been working on her yard off and on since the ad was published.

As much as I advertise on myspace a lot in different ways, another business offered a trade with me, they said I will get a lot of publicity. They want to put a banner with my business name on their website and have it linked to my website. They also want me to write an article in the (ask the expert section) of their website on the topic of fall/winter upkeep advice to help people. I will also be in the coupon section.”

Chestin: “In terms of the banner ad, your concept looks great but if you want MORE people to respond you need to give them a reason. Sure, some people will respond because they need something right now, but what about all the people just THINKING about a particular service you might offer? What about the people that have a service provider, but aren’t very happy with them and are considering getting someone else?

If you include some type of offer that gets people to at least click on the banner so you can take them to your website to continue or begin the relationship building process. And keep in mind that ‘FREE Estimates’ or some type of discount aren’t very effective anymore because EVERYONE’S doing them.

Matt: “Do you have any ideas on what I could put in the banner ad to get them to click on it. The ad rotates with others so it only pauses on mine for 2-3 seconds. I currently have on the ad “call for details”, but i doubt that would get them to call. Any thing catchy up your sleeve?”

Chestin: “Free mowing might attract a few people, but one thing to remember is that you want to get as many people as possible into your sales funnel as possible. Saying ‘Free Mowing’ will definitely get a few people to respond, but I bet you’d get even more if you offered a free report titled, ‘5 Secrets to a Thick, Green, Weed-Free Lawn’, then include your call to action like, ‘Click Here’.

Then what I’d do is instead of sending them to your regular website I’d set up a special web page called a squeeze page. All it is is a web page who’s only purpose is to get people to submit their name and email address in exchange for this free report. You don’t mention anything about the 15 different services you offer, or how you’ve been in business since 19XX, or how…..well, you get the idea.

Then once they submit their information, THEN you could take them to your regular website because you now have their contact information and you can communicate with them via email for free.

Remember, marketing is a step-by-step process and if you try to take your prospects from A to Z in one giant leap, you’ll lose more than you’ll manage to keep!”

Steve: “Can you give us a little more insight as what this squeeze page is?”

Chestin: “You want to offer the free report BEFORE taking them to your regular web page. It’s called a squeeze page and it’s only purpose is to capture visitors name and email.

On most websites there are WAYYYYY too many places someone could get lost. A confused mind doesn’t act/buy so the key is to create a web page who’s ONLY OPTION is to submit their contact information.

Once they’ve done this, then you take them to your regular site where they can learn about everything you have to offer.

And yes, you want every visitor to fill out this information. However, if you’re worried about losing people to this (the number you’ll lose will be much smaller than you’d think), simply place a link that says ‘Click Here To Learn About ABC Lawn Care’ and then takes them to your regular site.”

How to use a squeeze page on your lawn care business website. GopherHaul 40 Lawn Care Business Show.

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