How to submit $1 million of lawn care estimates in two weeks.

Getting the momentum of a new business going can be very difficult. It can feel like you are trying to move mountains. Sometimes an entrepreneur can become overwhelmed with a sense of impending doom when things don’t happen fast enough. But how does one get things going and potentially get them going fast? It takes drive, determination but remember, anyone can do it. A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us how he was able to submit $1 million dollars of lawn care estimates in two weeks.

Lawn care bid

Lawn care bid

He wrote “this is my first year in business however I have been in sales all my life so getting into doors is second nature for me. In the past 2 weeks I have hit every business, apartment complex, townhome community, HOA, property manager, etc… that I can possibly and physically do by myself. I get up at 6, I get to the office by 7 and plan out my day. By 8 I am hitting doors. In the past several weeks I have actually placed bids totaling $595,000 annually, and today I got a return call from a manager that wants a portfolio bid for 11 apartment complexes next week.

You ask what it takes?? Hard work and many hours per day. Right now is the time when most companies are reviewing and renewing contracts. So get the business cards printed and hit as many doors as you can. Property managers are notorious for not returning phone calls so going to their office is much more advantageous.

I have won 3 contracts this past week and currently have 14 pending. The portfolio bid of 11 properties will put me at over $1 million in proposed contracts I have submitted in the past 2 weeks. The key is to place as many bids as you can and estimate 20% of those that you will win. If it’s more than that, then you’re doing great.”

I think this is a great example of how the owner of a business really needs to be it’s chief salesperson.

When it comes to motivation like this in sales and desire to succeed, do you feel it flows from a certain personality trait certain people have or do you feel this is something one can learn and apply themselves?

“Anyone can do this. What has to be learned is to remove the fear of “NO”. It takes a lot of “NO’s” to get to a YES. So the main thing you have to learn is that everytime you get past a NO, you’re getting that much closer to the YES. Most people get frustrated when they run into obstacles and give up. If they had kept going, the next visit may have been their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

What can be learned is the positive attitude it takes to keep going. When I approach a potential client, I don’t sell anything but the project I am there for. I get right to the point. I ask for the person in charge of the lawn maintenance. I don’t try to sell the receptionist. I don’t try and sell myself or my company. I walk in the door, ask for the person in charge of lawn maintenance and once in front of them, the first thing I say is that I am there to bid on their lawn care needs and I would like to give them a quote. After they start asking questions, I answer their questions. I don’t start rambling about “we do this and we do that”. Just answer their questions and get the bid. If they are not bidding on a project right now, take their card and find out when they will be bidding. Make sure to call them back a month before they are taking bids. Never forget a potential client and when you could possibly be doing business with them. Never!”

Great advice and great motivation from an entrepreneur who is out there every day pounding the pavement and bidding on properties.

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