How to speed up leaf collection.

When the leaves fall and you are hired to clean them up, a lot of times you are not only fighting with trying to collect wet leaves but with wind! How do you collect the leaves when the wind is blowing them all over? That is a question asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. A business owner wrote “I was wondering if anyone could help me with a fall clean up problem. I bought and a little wonder high output blower 2 years ago and have learned all of the tricks to getting the best performance and power out of my blower, except when there is wind.

How to speed up leaf collection

How to speed up leaf collection

Some of my customers have very open properties that the wind can really blow across and I just have the toughest time blowing the leaves in any other direction than the direction the wind is blowing!! My buddy said there are “techniques” he uses to be able to work on windy days, but he wont give up any of his techniques! Does anyone know of anything that might help so that the leaves don’t blow back over my head if I blow against the wind?”

Another lawn care business owner shared his secret to collecting leaves on a windy day. He said “I use a snow fence. It’s cheap and you can reuse it again and again. It’s like a tarp, but the wind blows right through it, catching more leaves.

This is how I do it. I go out and get a roll of snow fence and they have those push in fence post so I use about six or so. When I set them up I’ll put them in a U shape and blow the leaves to the trap. That way if its windy I don’t lose them when I vacuum them or bag them up. The whole process take about an hour to complete in a small lawn with about 4 trees.

The snow fence comes in 25′ rolls, I buy a lot for drive ways so I use what’s left over.

I will put it in the lawn about 40 ft or so away from the tree. It gives me a chance to have a big work area. I use only one most of the time. Space the stakes out about 4- 5 ft apart then put the fence on the post.

I use a vac from the blower I have, it’s old. I vac them into garbage cans most all the time unless its windy.”

Here is an image to show you what this leaf corral would look like.

Leaf fence corral

Leaf fence corral

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