How to sell additional work to your lawn care customers.

As an lawn care entrepreneur, you are most likely keeping your eye open for additional work above and beyond lawn mowing. Although some tend to disagree with offering additional services, it seems those who keep their eyes open for extra work, tend to find it and find success.

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum told us a little about the different services he offers his lawn care customers when he wrote “I keep myself busy all year because in my area I am known as Mr. Fix It.

The other day I had an interior paint job. I have also replaced a sink faucet for another neighbor. At times I have even been known to install a section of fence!

Currently I am looking to buy a sewer snake to take care of sewer problems because that is another request which seems to arise often.”

Another lawn care business owner wrote “when it comes to making money, I will do just about anything legal! I have done side jobs such as tearing down old porches, fixing rotted wood inside a bathroom, reattaching crown molding inside a house, painting, drying and selling oak (goes hand in hand with my tree business). Burning brush piles during burn season, fixing broken down cars, buying and fixing and selling small engine tools, and the list goes on and on.

My dad was a jack of all trades, and owned a construction company my whole life growing up. I started working for him when I was like 12, so I have lots of experience doing all sorts of things.

I’m not too proud to do these sorts of things. When it comes to making money, I will do it all!”

That is really interesting to hear. Can you tell me this because I am sure others are wondering. How do you get the word out that you are able to do all those sorts of services?

“You spend time talking to your customers, and you learn that they have things around their house that need taking care of. Or I will keep my eyes open and point out that I can fix this and that. Usually they just say ‘go ahead’…”

A third lawn care business owner wrote “I agree. With the way the economy is, in order to survive you have to diversify. I started doing home maintenance and repairs for the first 2 years I was in business. This year it slowed to the point where I started mowing lawns and snow removal. I am flexible and will still be able to pay the bills. My plan is to hire a crew to strictly do lawn maintenance as I do home maintenance and repairs. I just have to hire the right people and have good management skills. I am sure I can find more success.”

For others that are wondering, how did you land those side jobs? Did you market them or did the customers just come up and ask you?

“I did direct marketing to Realtors. Some of the jobs I get are from word of mouth. Also I deal with a service that directs bids to me and has a 60% success rate. One other thing I did was to partner up with a friend that owns a paint company. He promotes my company to his customers and I do the same for him. Then if the home owner uses both companies we offer a special price.”

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