How to price residential snow plowing jobs.

With winter here and a lot of people losing their jobs, many are looking for ways to make money and offering snow plowing or snow shovelling services is a great way to get started.

I was contacted by a new lawn care and snow plowing business owner and he asked “I have always wanted to start my own snow removal and lawncare business but I guess you would say I’m green when it comes to it. I kinda have a good idea on what I need on the lawn care side but I would really appericiate any help I could get with the snow removal side any and all help would be great I already have a snowplow on my atv but I know that’s not gonna cut it….

How to price residential snow plowing jobs.

Any help with types of equipment and help with salting,sanding, and how to price snow plowing jobs? I would like the jump on and hopefully get in sometime this winter. The problem is I live in northwest Indiana and the winter snow events are scattered and hard to predict.”

First off you should find a bigger snow plowing company in your area and sub contract for them doing side walks. Maybe charge $20 - 30 an hour. The beauty about this is no extra snow plowing equipment is needed.

As far as estimating for your snow removal services, here are some ideas on residential snow removal prices.

Charge Labor + Material when it comes to snow

  • $110.00 hr Atv with plow
  • $40.00 hr Shoveling
  • $12.00ea 50 lbs Salt bags
  • $20.00ea 50lbs Calcium bags

Example: You get a drive way lets say is 40′ X 12′ + the sidewalk is about 50 feet long. A job like this will take about 1hr for one man. About 15 mins with the atv to get the drive way done and about 30 mins to do the walk. You will have to shovel the walks because your 50 inch plow will not fit on the walks. And is not safe running a 50 inch blade on residential walks because you can damage the lawn when plowing the walks. Lets say the customer wants salt applied to the walks and drive. I would use about 2 - 50lb bags for a size like this. And this will run about 15 mins. So I would bill this person this way

  • .25 hr Atv with plow $27.50
  • .50 hr Shoveling Labor $20.00
  • .25 hr Salting $10.00
  • 2x 50lbs Salt Bags $24.00
  • Total: $81.50

That’s for 1 hr’s worth of work. Snow removal is not cheap and it cost money to fill up your Atv. It costs money to haul your atv, and it costs money to buy bags of salt. And always round your time of labor to the nearest. like 10 mins will be 15, 42 mins will be 45mins. Try to market your snow service to the higher end neighborhood. Not everyone can afford $81.50 for one hr of your service. Is also a lot cheaper running a snow blower than a atv.

I hope this discussion sheds more light on how to market and charge for residential snow plowing. If you would like to just the discussion on getting your snow plowing business started please visit the post on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Marketing forum.

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