How to price lawn care mulch jobs

Our Gopher lawn care forum discusses quite a few different issues and one of them is how to estimate lawn care jobs. In a recent post, Gerald asked

Hey guys new to the business and have a few calls from people wanting a price on installing mulch. Not familiar with pricing mulch jobs any help is greatly appreciated. I would like to include the price i pay for the mulch in the total price for the job. Any guidelines ya’ll have for pricing this thanks.”

    Chuck responded to this question by saying “Figure out your square footage x depth (I use 4 inches) to get cubic feet. Then convert to cubic yards
    It’s cheaper by the yard than by the bag. & I’d just double the material cost for your 1st job, maybe add a little more & see how you do timewise. Adjust accordingly for job #2. Mulch is quick, easy & alot lighter than rocks!”

    Then Josh added “Go to a couple of different mulch places and ask for there wholesale and regular price list so you can determine your bid. Multiply the length by the width of area to be covered, then divide by 81, this will provide you with a 4″ depth coverage.
    3″ = 108sf.
    2″ = 162sf.
    So, what ever your materials cost and then double will be your bid.”

    I do hope this information helps you when you are bidding on your lawn care mulch jobs. If you would like to jump into this discussion further please read more about it in our Gopher Lawn Care Forum.

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