How to price an average lawn care aeration service.

Trying to figure out how to charge for lawn care aeration service can be tough especially for those lawn care business owners that don’t perform the service regularly. In this example from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we get to see a break down of expenses, bid price and the amount of time it takes to perform an aeration on an average sized lawn.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have a lawn care customer that asked me to bid on aerating their lawn. I will have to rent the aerator. So I am trying to figure out how much does every one else charge for aeration. Do you charge per square foot, how long will it take me do do a square foot of aeration?”

A second lawn care business owner said “I rented an aerator a few times in my area. The aerator cost me $50 for 3 hours or I could rent it for the day at $120.00. So if I can line up 10 lawn aerations in one day, the full day machine rental will be well paid for. But, if you don’t want to do that, there are also organic aeration sprays you can go with and then you don’t have to worry about renting equipment.

Here is an example of one lawn aeration I did:

$65.00 for 2 hours rental plus gas. It took me a little over an hour to aerate a 2,000 square foot lawn and I charged the lawn care customer $165.00. So I made $90.00 to cover my gas, time, unloading, perform the job, reloading, driving back to the rental shop and unloading again. Maybe you can charge more in your area, I don’t know. That was what I did. That lawn was a pretty big lawn. I probably could have charged more than I did, but I was happy to be able to offer it as an upsell when the customer asked for the service. The job was on a Sunday, near winter, and it was getting cold outside so I was kind of on the fence about doing it in the first place. But I am glad I did now. Next time, I will promote the service to a lot more clients.

Do you have a trailer? If not I know they had a small trailer for the equipment that was going to be an extra $15. So you have to add that in if you don’t. ”

A third lawn care business owner said “I charge $189 for aeration alone for an average sized property. Aeration, seeding, and fertilization is about $375 for average size homes. There is an additional charge for low mowing if customers not under contract.

Mowing low when aerating, fertilizing, and seeding is important because the lawn will not be mowed for about a month usually once the new seed is spread. I have found if the lawn is not mowed low prior to the services, the city here will cite you because the lawn will grow too high before your next mowing.
Then I also get people that want me to aerate when they don’t even mow regularly and their lawn is high already. The higher charge is really for customers not under an annual lawn care contract. I haven’t charged to many that extra fee. Most are usually lawn care contract customers that are looking for the additional service which means the lawns already maintained properly.”

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