How to price a driveway power washing job.

Have you been looking into how to add power washing to your list of services but were unsure on how to estimate such jobs? Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that talks about pricing power washing  jobs and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that come with the work.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have been looking to expand my lawn care business by offering power washing and would like to know how much I should be charging on average per Sq Ft for cleaning a concrete driveway. I have just been called to do a pressure washing job of a driveway that is 525 sq ft but am unsure on how to bid it.”

A second lawn care business owner shared “we charge $35.00 an hour plus the cost of the solution. It’s impossible to give you an exact number without an image to see how rough a shape the driveway is in. One driveway this size may take an hour while another 4 hours if there are a lot of stains and oil spills.

It also depends on the method you use to clean it. I use surface cleaners and if it is pretty straight forward with dirt and algae stains, I charge around $60 for something that size. If it has bad oil or rust then it goes way up in cost.

Generally speaking I can look at siding, deck, driveway etc. and simply say This job will be $xx.xx. However there are times especially with decks when the customer wants the paint removed, I will simply state $35.00 an hour. Even at this price I almost triple my expense cost as this is the lowest paying position I have.

I offer no guarantees either. If we start (and this happened once) and we can’t do a satisfactory job, we stop and talk to the owner. The case where it didn’t work is the client had bad black mold on their vinyl siding. The mold had actually eaten into the siding, and it was impossible to get it off.

We never use bleach in the sprayers as it will ruin them however on that one job, I tried a bit of bleach, a mold remover product and a siding wash. Even with all that we were only able to get around 60% of the siding cleaned. In this case the owner looked and said just do what you can.

I tell you all of this because you never know what you are going to run into. At first when you are learning how to perform these power washing jobs, if you are unsure of how long the job will take, consider bidding it with an hourly price and see how that goes. Keep track of how much time each of these jobs take you and after a while, you will get a good idea of the total time you will need to perform such jobs.”

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