How to prevent buyer’s remorse with your lawn care customers.

Do you find it difficult to complete sales in your lawn care business? Is it difficult for you at times to know how to approach lawn care customers, how to present your products and services and how to seal the deal without the customer having buyer’s remorse? If so, check out this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and see if these sales techniques could help you improve your bottom line.

One lawn care business owner wrote “I have learned a while back that sales is sales is sale. I does not matter if you are selling a lawn care service, a landscaping install, or a magical bottle of heal all water, it all involves selling. To sell, you have to first find someone willing to talk. Never start the conversation, instead let them think it was their idea to talk about it so when they buy they think it’s their idea. As I tell my employees, it always better to listen and do as little talking as possible.

Remember what mom used to say, your mouth will get you in trouble. One thing I found in sales is the less you say to sell the client, the more you sell. Talking too much or giving too much information may lead to the customer hitting the off button. Once they are sold, they will stay that way if you do not make them think too much that you sold them. Always let them think it was their idea and they will never change their mind because it’s something they wanted.

Most people sell by offering something for a price. When the sale is completed, unless you have cash in hand, people will think about the sale and most of the time they will change their mind if they feel it was not their idea and instead just some pushy sales guy. This is buyer’s remorse and is something you want to avoid. But if you flip it around and make them do the asking and you do the listening, they will make a decision on their own. Since you having done little to talk them into the sale, the purchaser will walk away feeling like they made the decision which amazingly enough will lead to more sales in the future.

People always feel better about the product or service if they feel they wanted it and not that they were sold on the idea. If you let them do all the talking, more often than not, they will talk themselves into using your service. Then they have the mind set they got the better out of the conversation. Let the customer talk their little heads off and all you have to do is watch as they talk themselves into the sale all on their own. This is not to say you can not lead with the information they give. But your focus should be more on listening than talking.

In most cases if you do a good job at a fair price the lawn care customer should have no buyer’s remorse. Also every once in a while if they turn out to be a good account, pay on time good, and they don’t ask for free services, don’t hesitate to give them a free fertilizer treatment or pull a weed or two to keep you in their good graces.

If lawn care customers can see options they will feel more comfortable choosing what they feel is right for them. I do this mostly with my landscape designs and installs. You can also provide the customer with options when you see lawn care issues on a client’s property. Let them know and point out what is an issue. Let them know this is what it would cost to fix it. By doing this, you are letting the client know they have the option to use a service you provide and you’d be amazed to hear that many times it’s something they did not even notice. Afterward follow up with an email outlining everything discussed and have the estimate broken down with the individual services or materials needed. This way the clients are informed they can select the services they want, with no pressure selling. It works very well for us.

When a new potential lawn care customer calls me, I get the feel of the conversation. I ask myself, do they sound really excited or do they just need a quick fix.

I keep a book of pictures of the work I do. I also keep photos of different types of shrubs, that include all different sizes. It will also show what they look like when they bloom, etc. I keep samples of mulch and a few different types of rock in my truck as well. I have pictures of edging and the whole nine yards. This helps fuel their imagination of what their property could look like. It’s as if, I am providing them, the artist, with the paints to create what they envision. From there, I will build their dream.

All these tools allow me to better help answer their questions. With the questions they ask, I take what they have said and lead them into what the best route to go is. Using these sales techniques I have really improved my sales. Try these out and you will find your sales improve.”

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