How to market lawn mowing prices.

A member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum shared with us a postcard he had designed for his lawn care marketing campaign. In the postcard he was promoting an annual contract fee that would include all sorts of services a lawn care customer would get throughout the year if they signed up with him.

When I saw it I thought to myself, I liked the creativity he used to put it together but I wondered about promoting an annual lawn care mowing price and if it would be effective.

It made me think about other marketing material though. When you see ads in a paper for such products as cars how do they market prices? You probably can find an advertisement for an expensive car and at the top of the ad it will say with big text $99.95 a month or some kind of teaser rate. Then in the fine print they will include a sign up fee and all these other fees, but they catch your attention with the first monthly teaser fee.

So my question to you is this, what helps sell better, promoting a larger annual fee, a monthly or even weekly fee?

What would catch your attention?

Another lawn care business owner shared “I will offer my two cents based on my experience, in short people will not buy it, or at least the clients that I go after.

When I see ‘buy it now, big discounts etc.’ I think to myself, they are either over priced to begin with or desperate for business, personally I’m not interested in either.”

Do you feel it is better to market a lower weekly price or what would you say is the best way to go about it?

“My price is my price. I know my costs and I know what I can do. If you can’t afford my services, I can understand but I will not budge on my price. My ROI (return on investment) is 32% on average. I think we are priced higher on some things yet I have clients who pay me more for leaf removal for example than I had quoted them. This hadn’t happened once, but 5 times last week alone as they were so impressed with the results. On one site alone, the lady paid me an extra ninety bucks because one of me employees cleaned her gutters. With the equipment we have, it took him only 15 min but that is what it was worth to her.

I don’t buy these marketing sales type advertisements that promote price as their teaser. I mean no disrespect but from my point of view, it’s an act of desperation.”

lawn mowing postcard

lawn mowing postcard

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