How to market at a home show on the cheap.

Most new lawn care business owners don’t have much money to spend when they are initially getting their lawn care business started so any lawn care marketing tips or tricks they learn can really come in handy. Here is a great tip on how to market your lawn care business on the cheap at your local home show that was shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote and shared “I am sure there is a Spring Home Show in your area and thought I would share a little about my experience with mine. Our Spring Home show was this past weekend. I was too late to rent a table, so as not to miss the opportunity to meet many new potential clients, this is what I did.

I took my smaller landscape trailer, which is all lettered, and parked it in a spot close to the front entrance. Everyone who was going to the show had to drive by it. On the sides of my landscape trailer I had a plastic holder with my post cards in them. A small sign above stated Free Information Here.

Then I took my other truck and my larger landscape trailer with my largest tractor on it and parked it on the lot close to where you pay to get in. I did the same thing on this trailer with the plastic holders on the side with post cards. I tied some balloons on the tractor’s roll bar. I did this fast as I felt like I had to be careful and not get kicked out.

I printed 5,000 cheap flyer’s and hired friends to go around three times a day and put them under the wipers of parked vehicles, but only if they were not company vehicles.

I then bought t-shirts and jackets for another 6 people and gave them business cards to walk the floor in areas where landscaping companies were. When you go into the show, you received a bag for all the flyers you collected. So as people left a booth for lawn care services, they simply followed them for a bit and said here is a flyer for you to look at later and put it in their bag.

I know, some of these companies paid big bucks to be at the show and I would have liked too as well but I did what I had to do to get my company name out there. From this experience, I learned you can get quite a return on your marketing dollars, if you are smart and apply them with pin point accuracy. What better way to do this than to market to those people at a home show looking for lawn care services!

As I was there, I visited every table that offered landscaping, deck construction and lawn care. There were three booths that really caught my attention. I would guess there were 30 booths related to the lawn care business in total. The three that captured my interest were very professional looking, with nice green or yellow uniforms and pants. The staff was very pleasant and they looked as if they spent a pile of cash on their booth. Only one though had, a really nice brochure.

You may be wondering the results of all this? The show itself it was packed. I think they had around 5,800 people a day. I have received over 126 emails from new potential customers. My website traffic from last Friday is way up as well. With the money I saved from not buying a booth, I also sent out a 1,000 piece mail drop last Thursday just before the show.

I have been calling, emailing, and visiting prospects like crazy today. Within just a few days, I have picked up 5 landscaping and deck jobs. Along with 37 new lawn care customers in total from very little marketing work. I think I will be able to write this off as a successful marketing campaign as as it has paid off big time and to be honest, it really cost me next to nothing to do.”

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