How to make more money with your pressure washing.

I’d like to first thank our friend Mike from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum for sharing with us some of the pressure washing marketing material he successfully uses. I asked him some questions on the topic of marketing that I want to share with you.

Steve: “What advice do you have for newer lawn care business owners when it comes to successfully distributing such marketing material? How should one go about using the postcards or door hangers to get the most effective results?”

pressure washing door hanger

Mike: “Just like in real estate…. It’s all about location, location, location. In this case, it’s list, list, list! Who gets your marketing material is more important than how or what they get.

I don’t market to folks that can’t afford or shouldn’t be hiring out contractors. If they can’t afford it, then it is a waste of my efforts. If they shouldn’t be affording it, then it too will be a waste because they will want the work cheap.

As for what the marketing material should say…. well, I like promoting what I sell. I stopped selling Pressure Washing once I found that is was only worth so much. I started selling something more valuable… Time and convenience. That’s why the card doesn’t have a mower or pressure washer on it. It has what I propose hiring me will give them… Time to enjoy their free time.”

Steve: “That is a really good point that I think a lot of new lawn care business owners miss. Do you have any advice on how a lawn care business owner can or should determine who can’t afford them?”

Mike: “As long as I was telling the customer about pressure washing, I was getting that look of… “It’s just pressure washing, why so much money”… When I started sending a different message to a different mindset client, I noticed more yeses, no matter the price. We went from charging $250 for house pressure washes to $450+ house washes in one season. And started selling more of them at the higher rate. Silly, how a different approach can sell the same pressure washing service for more $$.

As for determining the marketing target, I look for neighborhoods where there is lots of activity. Work vehicles coming and going. These folks out source this work. I target business owners. Their time is valuable and they also understand us. We have something in common. Hey, a lawyer that is billing $500/hr thinks I am a bargain at $300/hr. Also, don’t price based on YOUR numbers… Base it on THEIR numbers. I sell house washes that would take the typical homeowner a whole weekend to do. I base pricing on that production rate… Not my own. I can clean their home in an hour, but not going to price it at that rate. I’m going to sell them that I am saving them money versus the time it would cost THEM to do it. Hell, even to have the local handyman do it. Not to knock the lawn guys, but I can wash 5-6 times faster than most of them, but I ain’t gonna price it for faster. I’m gonna stay at same $50/hr that lawn/handyman is going to price at, but make more because I’m faster. So I’ll make the $300/hr.”

These are great concepts to be considering when you are selling your pressure washing services. In fact you can use these marketing and selling concepts when you sell any of your lawn care business services.

If you’d like to join in on this discussion further, visit the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.

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