How to jump on opportunities and get more lawn care customers.

There are many ways to get lawn care customers. Some methods work better than others. In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, we learn some tips and tricks to gaining a lot of customers in a tight area to minimize your drive time. Included is some sample dialogue that you could use to gain new customers as you are driving through your neighborhoods.

One lawn care business owner wrote “creating lawn care flyers and preparing them, to me is the most stressful part of the business. Handing out the flyers, the second most stressful part of business. Waiting for calls, panic attack! Getting flooded with phone calls the next day, the best part of business.

But there is more to landing new lawn care customers than simply handing out flyers and getting phone calls. You have to handle the phone calls correctly and sell the customer, not just on the phone but in person too. I can’t tell you how many new customer tell me ‘I don’t like the other lawn care companies in the area, they don’t have a good attitude when they talk to me, it’s really annoying.’

I can understand what they are saying too as I have called every lawn care company around my area to hear how they answer the phone or how quickly they return calls and they all answer the phones like I am bothering them!

I have a ton of customers RIGHT beside my home. The majority of my customers take less than 5 minutes to get to, whichever day(s) I mow their lawns. I don’t even need to bring the truck! It’s PERFECT! This year is going to be amazing. But this didn’t just happen. I worked on making it like this and you can too. Here is how I do it.

When ever I interact with a current customer or a potential customer I always look for an opportunity to bond, or show interest in what they have to say.

I always start the conversation with,’How are you doing today?’ and they respond with the same question and I say, ‘Well I’m on my third coffee, so I’m feeling like a champion.’

I suggest saying anything to lighten the mood and show that you are human and you care. You really have to get your potential customer to like you before you discuss business. I tend to have nice conversations with potential customers before we even discuss my services.

I picked up 3 new clients today this very way. I like to jump on opportunities when they present themselves and today I  stopped by a home because I saw a lady raking her yard. This is how our conversation went.

Me: ‘You look like your having fun doing that!’

Customer: ‘Haha, well someones gotta do it!’

Me: ‘I hear ya, we have the nice weather coming in now, it’s the perfect time to get out & rake the lawn.’

Customer: Do you do lawn service.

Me: As a matter of fact, I do! Are you currently with a company?

Customer: I hired one last year, but they didn’t trim well.

Me: Well you’ll have to excuse me, I’ve been quite busy the past few days & haven’t had the time to shave! Just kidding, yes trimming is something you really have to be careful with. The skill comes with practice.

Customer: It’s not only that, we had a major grub problem last year too.

Me: Ah, don’t worry the grubs will be back this year too. You should see the guy’s lawn further up the street, what a nightmare that is.

Anyway, this isn’t the first time I have seen your place. I always wondered what the backyard looked like, you have a few gardens going on, do you plant anything interesting?

Customer: I plant the usual stuff, I bring my flowers from inside outside when the weather is right.

Me: Fantastic. Your garden would look great with a brick border, the only problem with that is the cost, but you also don’t wanna use that rubber lining that stuff is awful & looks silly.

Customer: Yeah I agree bricks would look really nice. So is it just you running the show or what?

Me: Well you know how it is, I don’t really enjoy relying on someone else to do a good job, the repair bills can really rack up if they were to damage the equipment.

Customer: I had a business in catering & I ran a cafeteria, it was big money.

Me: I could imagine! That was something I really wanted to get into, though I soon figured out that I only like to cook for myself!

Anyway…. after a few more minutes of talking I signed her up as a new lawn care customer. It was that easy. So consider stopping and talking to people the next time you see them out doing yard work. Make sure you show interest in what they say both in person and on the phone. Soon enough, your mowing schedule will be as busy and as compact as mine!”

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