How to improve your lawn care sales presentations.

Are you trying to figure out how to improve your lawn care sales presentations to residential lawn care customers? Have you tried different techniques and not yet hit on a method that allows you to land 90%+ of the jobs you bid on? Well here is some insight shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about how to improve your sales technique. Experimenting with this kind of sales presentation may help you improve your sales figures.

He wrote “something I do with every lawn care job may be something you might want to consider adding to yours. I have found that 95+% of my job inquiries is via email or the contact form on my website.

When I get an inquiry, I take the following steps. I schedule a meeting with the potential customer. When I get to the location, we do a walk around the property and I take notes. Then I tell the prospect I will send an email listing each thing we talked about and a quote for the services. I think only one or two have asked for a quote on the spot. In general people understand you have to calculate things. Even though I may know the cost in my head, I do not offer it unless pressured.

The email I send to the potential customer starts by thanking them for the opportunity to meet and discuss their yard improvement and that I would be proud to be part of making it happen.

Listed below is each area we discussed, if I overlooked something, please accept my apologies, let me know and I will respond promptly. Doing all this work on your property at once may be beyond your budget, so feel free to select the areas you would like us to focus on at this time. Please choose from the listing of services below, one, two or everything, our goal is to help you get started.

Then I number each item, offer a brief two or three sentence on what we would do and the cost. I like doing quotes this way as I do it in word and save it under the prospects last name, that way I will always have it.

Spraying fertilizer is the exception to this process as I carry my laptop and can do and print a quote on the spot for that. If the client accepts, they sign the quote, I print another and that I sign and leave with them.

I know before I leave the property whether or not I will get the bid. I have found that I get about 95% of the lawn care jobs I estimate. Early on in my career, I did tend to follow up at first but honestly now I do not, as we have so much work ahead of us I just do not have time. I am getting between 5 to 6 inquiries, 7 days a week. It is honestly insane the pace we are running. My office manager will follow up however if she has time but even she is being pushed to the max.

When I am on the job site, I can tell by reading the potential customer’s body language and how well they listen if I will get the job. I look to see if they are asking questions as I describe the process? Are their arms folded? If they are, that is not a good sign. If you start sensing the customer is not being engaged in the conversation, try to ask them what their concerns are for their property and what their vision is of how the property would look. The more involved and engaged they are, the better chances you have of making the sale.”

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