How to improve your door to door lawn care marketing.

Most people tend to have a fear of public speaking and trying to sell to new people is right behind it. So if you have a fear of public speaking and don’t feel comfortable selling, what is the best way for you to utilize door to door marketing in your lawn care business? That is the question asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and quite a few responses came from it which surely will help you improve your lawn care marketing techniques.

One lawn care business owner wrote “how many of you guys market door to door as in ringing the doorbell and talking to people one on one, not just leave a flyer and leave? How effective is this method of marketing as opposed to just leaving a flyer? If you don’t go door to door, why not? Are you afraid of disturbing them? That is my biggest reason for not doing it. Any insight?”

A second lawn care business owner wrote “we do something a little different with our lawn care marketing which has yielded excellent results. If I or staff see a potential project which can range from an overgrown lawn, load of gravel or top soil sitting in the yard as we drive past, we stop and leave a post card. I have seven different postcards that are designed for different specific projects. Each of them are short and sweet.

They all start with ‘we were driving by and noticed you……..we can save you the backwork and give a free estimate……’ I would guess aside from referrals, this is our greatest way of bringing in new business and if the owner is home, we will talk to them. This method almost always leads to other projects.

When you do this, you should keep track of the homes you drop cards off to. This will help you determine the effectiveness of your lawn care marketing techniques and which post card designs are bringing in more work.

Sales in my experience is one of those you either have it or you don’t. At the moment it seems like only 2 of my 14 workers have it. The rest are all great workers and get along excellent with clients but they are not driven to meet new people, prospect etc. That is fine because stopping and handing out a post card can be done by anyone.¬† It is another tool in the marketing tool box that can be used if the opportunity comes along. Postcards are also great ice breakers for staff that are not comfortable with a cold calls. Should the customer be home and be handed a postcard, they get to talking and find they do great. After a while, they get much more comfortable dealing with new people than they were when they started with me.

Each winter I take the time to look at the lawn care marketing methods things that worked and the ones that didn’t. As I go, I find I have a lot of areas to fine tune and will do that.

A third business owner said “my experience has been if the customer can associate a face with the flyer or brochure you as the lawn care business owner, have a better chance of getting the account.

I’m a small fish in a big pond when it comes to lawn care, but for me working in the afternoon and going door to door has met with great success per contact than any other method. Plus it has the added benefit of building clients that live in close proximity to each other.

To be successful, it requires observation over time. Notice who in the neighborhood cuts their own grass, also about what time the owner of the house comes home. Then when I’m cutting my customers lawn, after I’m done I knock and introduce myself. The home owner usually doesn’t want to go out and get sweaty. If my price is reasonable, and he can see the work I’m doing, it will make for an easier sale. Over time, you will develop a good sales pitch and you will get more customers than you know what to do with.”

How to improve your door to door lawn care marketing - GopherHaul 69 Lawn Care Software Show

How to improve your door to door lawn care marketing - GopherHaul 69 Lawn Care Software Podcast

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