How to get wealthy lawn care customers.

A great way to really improve your lawn care business profit margins is to cater to wealthier neighborhoods. Although there will always be some wealthy clients that will nickle and dime you to death, the majority of them want top notch lawn care service and are willing to pay for it. But how do you get these high end lawn care customers? What’s the best way to initially make contact with them? That was the question posted on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum by a lawn care business owner when he wrote “besides commercial properties, do any of you have any residential properties owned by wealthy people?

Getting wealthy lawn care customers.

Getting wealthy lawn care customers.

There is a very wealthy business titan who lives in my area. You can drive down the street for 10 minutes & still not pass his mansion. In fact, his driveway would be a nightmare to walk, considering it would take forever to get to his door.

My question is, what is your strategy for getting very wealthy customers with massive lawns? Do you offer free minor services just to get the job to maintain the lawn? It seems, these are the kind of people that would take too kindly to you walking up to their front door to drop off a brochure. So what else could I do?”

One lawn care business owner wrote “I found it very easy to do. I would guess we have around 80 lawn care customers that own homes valued at $1.5 million plus. Years back before I started my lawn care business, I worked at a bank and was their banker. The customers I dealt with then on a regular basis were lawyers or auditors. My doctor is part of a group of angel investors from my area and he is now a shareholder in another company I own.

When I was getting started, I told him what I was up to and he invited me to do a presentation to his club, which I did. My focus was initially going to be on lawn care only. At that point, I wasn’t interested in raising capital. From that presentation I picked up 11 new lawn care accounts and also had an offer for investment, which I said perhaps another time. From there on, people started seeing my trucks and gear all around town. They all seemed to automatically want me to look after their place.

This happened to me late in the season last year when I picked up my first gated community. While working there on one property, word of mouth and referrals led me to now service four different gated communities with 5 to 9 customers each.”

Another lawn care business owner said “my experience with wealthy people is they don’t like flyers blowing around their property or in their paper/mailboxes. I have about 15 clients with homes valued at a million dollar plus. Most of them were a referred to me by other customers. I do believe to achieve this, you need to sell yourself and your company’s services. Some of these people are approachable and for those who are, you need to use your good salesmanship and people skills.

The hardest part is getting your 1st wealthy client. Once you are in though, these people will refer you to their friends who are looking for quality property maintenance. You will see, it turns into a snowball effect. And if you do quality, on time work, their neighbors will take notice.”

That seems to be the sticking spot for most new lawn care business owners, getting the first wealthy client. It seems though it all comes down to networking. Talking to people and getting to know them. Landing your first wealthy client isn’t going to happen overnight.

“I agree. Getting your first wealthy lawn care client on a cold call can be tough. I have friends/clients worth millions that would like to be treated like you and I. On the other hand, I have clients that want you to know they have money and be treated as such. So far so good.

My first wealthy lawn care customer came from a simple phone call for coffee. He was my lawyer. At coffee we simply talked about the latest goings on and I told what I was doing. It’s important to just kept doing this. All the people I contacted have known me for years and know I run a tight ship. They know everything will be professional looking. I got all my initial wealthy clients like this except one. I didn’t get my accountant, as he was already in a lawn care contract and didn’t want to bother switching until this year. From there it was referrals or people stopping by asking for a card.”

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