How to get lawn care jobs from property managers.

We have a great discussion going on in the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that I wanted to share with you.

I asked Brandon how he was able to get it set up so that property management companies send him faxes of the work they want done, daily. He was able to give us a great inside view on his secret to getting his lawn care jobs from them.

Brandon: “I work with 2 Property Management Company’s and when I first started doing work for them, they used to have me give them a quote first. Now they just fax me the job and I will bill them monthly. Unless the jobs are more than $250, I give them an oral quote, and they usually just approve it and I get it done.

The work is both trees and landscaping work. A lot of tree trimming, irrigation repairs, and yard clean-ups. They also have me bid on weekly yard services for them, but I end up getting underbid on most of those for some reason.
I have found they really appreciate the jobs getting done quick. If they have to wait a week or more, then they will call some of their other vendors.
The faxes come in as a work order with the address, job description, and renters contact number. I check the fax machine when I get home, and fit the jobs in my schedule for the next day or 2.
The PMC’s each manage about 1500 properties, so you can imagine they have plenty of work to go around. It was fairly easy getting my foot in the door. Here’s what I did. I was driving by a home with an overgrown yard that had a for rent sign in the front lawn. I called the # and told them I could take care of it right now for them. They said I had to have my ins. and bus. lic. on file with them first (I already knew this). I struck up a little conversation with the lady so she would remember me. I took my paperwork in the next day and asked if they had any work right away. “Not at the moment, but we’ll call you”.
I waited 2 days, called back and asked the lady again. “Not at the moment”, she said. I waited 2 more days and called again. “Well, I do have this one…”, I was in. From then on it has been non stop. Persistence pays.

At least once per month I bring in either Starbuck’s or fruit smoothies to all the ladies in the office. Around Christmas time I send them a basket, a Christmas card, etc. I doesnt cost me much compared to what they pay me, and it keeps me in their minds.”

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