How to find brush clearing and tree removal work.

Most every lawn care and landscape business is constantly on the hunt for more customers, but how do you go about getting them? In this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum we hear from one lawn care business owner who was able to go through a new development and pick up a lot of brush clearing and tree removal work. None of this work he got would have found him if he did nothing, so read on to find out how he got the work and how you can too.

He wrote “to market my lawn care and landscaping business I have found that using post cards is better than using business cards. I don’t mean postcards that you mail, instead I mean using them to hand out, in place of business cards. From my experience, people tend to lose business cards as they are smaller however the bigger postcards, they will put on their fridge or save them to call me when needed.

I have a general post card design which covers all the services I offer and one card that is specific for each service. What I and most of the staff do as they are driving by a property that could use a service we offer is, they leave a card on site.

Last Monday I was checking in on a lawn crew I had working in a subdivision we do a lot of work at. As I entered the area, I noticed a new road had been built. So after I visited with my staff, I talked to the client and started to leave when it struck me, I should leave wood cutting and chipping postcards on each lot that has a for sale sign in front of it.

Next I will call the number on the sign and find out who the developer is and send them an introduction letter explaining we can clear the lot of trees, chip them, build a driveway, dig the foundation, build the septic field and landscape when the house is done.

So I left a card on every lot for sale next to the For Sale sign. Today I was driving by to check on my tree crew a few streets over and decided to drive in this new road. As I headed up, I noticed a person cutting the trees for a driveway. So I stopped and talked to him for a bit and introduced myself. It turns out, he is the owner of the lot.

He told me his plan initially was to cut the trees himself. He bought a new chain saw to do this but didn’t realize how hard the work was going to be. He didn’t realize he couldn’t burn the brush or bury it and I explained to him that chipping was the only option to go with. After our chat, I got him signed up as a new customer and I will have a tree crew going there tomorrow to work with him.

On the way out I noticed another sold sign and I left a card beside it. It looks like the owner started to clear the lot and gave up. I know this as he called an hour ago and once we are done with the fellow I met today, he wants his lot cleared as well.

Granted we make good money cutting and chipping wood, however the big money is in the road construction, digging foundations and landscaping. So for me the introduction is the wood chipping which I will low ball a bit, still make good money on but I went in knowing this was my battle plan.

The only competition in the area that offers this service can’t touch my prices because of the equipment I have, and this gives me a foot in the door to upsell other services as well.

The one fellow I met with said the road, foundation and landscaping is ours assuming the tree work goes well.

Here is the card I use along with an image of the lot and beside the sold sign is where my card is.

How to promote tree and lot clearing services.

How to promote tree and lot clearing services.

I realize this may not be for all of us here however keep an eye on new developments you can find a lot of work in it. You can find a lot of work else where too if you keep your eyes open and look for properties that can use your services.

What ever you do, don’t just sit around by the phone waiting for something to happen. Make it happen.”

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