How to find and get high end lawn care and landscaping customers.

Are you looking to attract more high end lawn care customers? Have you had a tough time figuring out how to do it? Here is a great discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum that looks into this process. You should be able to gain at least a few new sales techniques from these business veterans that will help you open new sales doors and motivate your staff to sell more and more often.

One lawn care business owner wrote “one of the things I have done in the past to attract more high end customers was to build planters for local high restaurants for free where these high end customers frequent. Then subtly I let the passerby know I made them with a business card holder attached to it.

You need to always think outside the box. I would like to think all of us have access to the high end accounts directly or through people we know, through our social network. I can tell you once you are in and do good work, you are in and all set. In my experience you will gain all the business you can handle and best of all, these high end customers always pay as soon as you ask and rarely question your quotes.

I haven’t spent much if any time this season coming up with marketing ideas because of all the work I have now. I came into the season in April with I believe 169 landscaping jobs. I did recently add another large excavator and loader to keep up with demand however this was a ‘let’s let the dust settle year.’

On growth this year, the jury is out. I have a very good core team and could grow the company further, however I think we will just let things be for now and look at it next year. The decision to grow or not can be tough. The only easy decision would be for a company offering one or two services. Should one of those services take a hit, could you still survive? We could, as we offer 15 or better services, diversification is critical.

As for marketing ideas, do all your friends, clients, contacts know you want to grow? Are they keeping their ear to the ground for you?

We can do just about anything a homeowner would want. I can even build breath taking, award winning decks in woods the competition would not touch. Such as Ipe, Brazilian Cherry, African Mahogany etc. all upper end, but I don’t do much of them lately as I am really loving the excavation work. It’s funny I had a call last night while having supper from an upper end client. He had a quote of $64,000 to build his decks and wanted to know if I would consider it. I thanked him for the call but explained we are swamped with deck building at this time.

How do I keep myself so busy? All my landscape employees get 10% of a referral if I do the quote, 25% if they do as long as they quoted it is priced properly and there is a profit there. All employees have business cards and some I do profit sharing with. It all depends on the job. Pressure washing these past two years has really taken off and that is where my employees really make the bucks.

When it comes to lawn mowing, I can’t give a % on the job. Some jobs we make some money on, others we do well at. So what I decided and they agreed, they get the profit from the first two mow’s and trim. It’s 10% of the accepted quote so it’s a really good bonus for the staff member.

I do not have any employees that I would be comfortable with them looking at the job, quoting, and doing the job. At that point, we are getting into a grey area. If I allowed this with no supervision, what is to stop them from doing this on the side and never telling me about it? I don’t believe I have any staff that would do this, but you never know. All the vehicles have GPS tracking as well as most of the equipment we drive so it would be desperately hard to pull a fast one in my case.

If a staff member does perform a quote, it saves me time and money going to meet the prospect. The key in some cases is when a prospect is there asking, it’s prime time to close the sale, almost like an impulse buy.”

A second lawn care business owner said “exactly! Once you get in their inner circle your in. One doctor client of mine referred us to 3 others that we picked up. We got into a upscale subdivision, $500,000 to million dollar homes, doing work for the HOA. We picked up 3 more properties in there based on our quality of work. We are so busy from referral work this season that I did not advertise at all anywhere.”

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