How to estimate a bed edging landscaping job.

Are you just starting your lawn care business and wondering what bed edging is and how you should bid such a job? Well we had a great discussion on this topic at the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Forum and I think you can really benefit from it.

Mike wrote to us about this bed edging job and he said “I was redoing some old mulch beds and making their edges more distinct. That’s called bed edging.

bed edging

Today I started at 8:30 in the morning and laid out where the lawn care customer wanted the new bed edge to be. I then marked the area out with paint and ran a bed edger over the out line. After bed edging you clean all the sod out that has been dug up and is in the beds. Then I used a blower to clean the dirt off the grass after which I added new mulch to the bed.

By 3 pm I had done the edging and some sod clean up and spread 2 yards of mulch. I have to go back and finish tomorrow with 2 more yards of mulch. That’s the maximum amount of mulch that will fit in the back of my truck at a time.”

Steve: “What advice do you have for newer lawn care business owners when it comes to creating an estimate for a bed edging job? How should a bed edging job be estimated? By linear ft? How much should they charge?”

Mike: “On this job I’m doing the edging by the hr and the mulch by the yard. I started with the price for $120 for 2 yards. My hourly rate will change depending on the season and since it’s slow now and winter time, I told this lawn care customer I would do the work for $35 an hour.

When I get done I am going to get the square footage of it so I can get a idea how to charge per sq ft for a job. This is the first one that I have done with my new bed edger. I have learned it’s way way faster than digging !!!! I will try and develop a price for bed edging per linear ft. One more thing to keep in mind, I used $15 in paint to lay out the lines.”

Steve: “Once you cut the edge and it came time to remove the sod, how did you go about doing that? Did you use a sod cutter?”

Mike: “If I had a sod cutter I would have but I used a pitch fork by going under the grass and prying up . It worked a little faster than a shovel.”

Steve: “What do you feel is the most important lessons you learned about estimating a bed edging job?”

Mike: “With this bed edging job I did it by the hour and the mulch by the yard.

  • Lesson #1 I learned that is a no no. It’s to hard to figure out that way.

Next time I’m figuring it up by the linear foot. Also keep a mental note that removing the sod takes the longest time and is the hardest work.

The next bed edging job will go like this.

Layout time. (This Job took 3 cans of paint) and around 2hrs
Price per running foot on Edging (2hrs)
Price per sq foot of sod removel (4hrs)
Mulch per yard ($60 per yard)
Clean up time (1hr)

I have to work one more day on this job next week. After I’m done with the bed edging job I will take measurements of the linear ft, the sq ft of sod and sq ft of mulch. This will really help me bid better next time.”

If you would like to join in on this bed edging job discussion further, visit the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Forum here.

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