How to close on your lawn care sales presentation.

“When you are called to visit a lawn care client and asked to explain your services, what do you say to convince them into hiring you? How do you suggest closing on a sale?” That is what one lawn care business owner from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum was interested in knowing when he wrote us and it really makes you think. The way you close on a sale can make the difference between the customer responding with ‘let me think about it’, to ‘can you get started today?’ Let’s look at how some lawn care business owners close their sales presentation.

A second lawn care business owner wrote “here is something I recommend. When I meet a lawn care customer for the first time, I tell them ‘your lawn is going to be beautiful once I get started on it. This is a great location for me to build up my customer base at, so I want your lawn to really stand out! I want it to be perfect! This lawn is going to be great for my advertising, and soon enough your neighbors will be asking you for my lawn care business card!’

When I do this, the client feels like they are #1.

I think the key to it is when they understand you want their lawn to be used as a show piece for advertising purposes because of the quality of your work, you have a really good chance of hooking them into the sale.

For streets where I can’t say, ‘I really want to build up here’ due to the fact I have a bunch of customers on that same street, I say,

‘I have quite a few lawns on this street, and they all HAVE to look their best!
I love this area, it’s a high priority one for me and I need all of these lawns to be looking perfect!

So far this sales pitch has worked for me.”

A third lawn care business owner shared “perhaps I am a little too direct but I feel my sales presentation works well for me. It could be that it’s due to my personality, as this style may not work for everyone. My sales closing is simple and goes like this. ‘Did I cover everything? Do you have any questions? When were you thinking of having us start?’

From that closing, I would guess 90% of the time the lawn care customer says either ‘one week, two weeks’ etc. Sometimes they say I need to speak to my husband/wife. When they do that, I respond with ‘great, may I join you as she/he may have questions we did not discuss.’

When I go after the business if it’s something I really want, my staff can tell you, I more often than not, walk away with an agreement.”

A fourth lawn care business owner said “this is my closing. ‘I also use all organic products on the lawn’ This is a big selling point here in my area. It makes the potential lawn care customer feel like they are saving the earth. The real reason I do it is so I don’t have to get a license for chemicals or hire someone who has one, but the customer doesn’t need to know that and it helps me get lawn care customers to say yes and sign up.”

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