How to bid one customer with multiple properties.

At some point while you are operating your lawn care business, you are going to come across a customer who owns multiple properties and will want you to bid on all of them at once. These properties might be residential or they may be commercial. How should you present your bid to such a customer and look professional doing it even when you may be unsure how they want the bid presented? That is a question asked on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

A lawn care business owner shared with us his situation when he wrote “I am a fairly new business owner. This is my third year in business. I have a web site but do not advertise any where else. I have gotten plenty of business all through word of mouth. The secret to it is if you just go the extra mile with each and every customer, before you know it, people will just come out of the wood work looking for your business and pay very well for your services.

Recently I had a property manager call and ask if I would submit bids for all of there accounts. This totals 38 accounts in total! I did not want to look unprofessional or anything, so I didn’t ask how he wanted the bid presented. But now I am wondering how the bids should look. Should I list all the accounts on one page with a break down of service fees with a weekly and monthly price quote? Or should I have each bid seperate from all others on seperate paper?”

One lawn care business owner suggested “first off, you shouldn’t ever worry about asking the customer how they want the bids presented. This won’t make you look like an amateur. The fact that they didn’t tell you how they wanted it most likely means they have no idea themselves which way would work best. You always should ask the customer what they want and give it to them.

With the situation you are in now, you could print it out both ways so you are prepared either way the property manager wants it presented.

Usually the property manager will present you with a cover letter to the bid package detailing how to submit. However, if one is not available, as I said, it doesn’t hurt to ask. In my experience you should provide a separate quote for each property. These properties may be held under different board of directors / owners and the property management company will have to present them to each.”

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