How to bid gutter cleaning.

If you are looking to submit some bids this season to clean leaves out of your customers gutters make sure you read this article first.

John got on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum and asked his gutter cleaning question. He wrote “I have been asked by a neighbor to do a gutter cleanup. She has gutter shields in place but wants to make sure everything is cleaned out and down spouts are good. Her house is 2200sq. and about half of the home has gutters.

How to estimate Gutter Cleaning

How to estimate Gutter Cleaning

I do not think this job will take over 1.5 hours but have no idea what to charge her. I have never done this for money just on my own and folks house. Any help would be appreciated.”

One of our forum members responded by saying “I charge $1.00 per foot for a single story and $2.00 per foot on a 2 story. For people I have lawn contracts with I do it free Spring and Fall.

I found that a 2 liter soda bottle (cut down) works well for cleaning the gutters. It’s pliable enough to get down into the gutter. Take a bucket with you to but the debris in. If you just dump it on the ground, the mess is harder to clean up than the gutters are.”

I have been doing a national survey with those who provide gutter cleaning services and the charge of $1 to $2 per linear ft seems to be standard across the country. You would charge more for gutters that are higher up or more difficult to get to than lower ones.

Here are some common beginner pitfalls lawn care business owners find when offering gutter cleaning.

  • “On my first job, I just emptied the gutters onto the ground. It took me about 25 minutes to clean the gutters and over an hour to clean the mess from dumping the debris. It was on the walls, the ground, the windows, etc. Since then I have taken a bucket to empty the debris in.”
  • I used to charge by the hour for gutter cleaning, now I charge around $1 per linear foot.
  • If the gutters are easy to reach I charge $1.00 per foot. If the gutters have trees growing out of them, then its $2.00 per foot.
  • The first time I ever cleaned gutters, I brought a power washer and blew them all clean….When I went down the ladder, it was a mess, lawn, house windows, screens, everything!!! Lets just say that those people got a free home power-washing!!! Learn from mistakes, right?

Remember to review the job site before you create your estimate. Are the gutters on the first floor or the second? Do they have weeds growing out of them? Are you going to be able to reach them? Use a scoop to clean the gutters and empty the scoop into a bucket. Minimize your cleanup time. Charge between $1 and $2 a ft for gutter cleaning and you should be alright. To join in on this discussion further, visit the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum here.

Listen to the How to estimate gutter cleaning GopherHaul Podcast here. Here is the collection of all the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Marketing Podcasts.

You can watch the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business Show on how to estimate gutter cleaning here.

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