How to Bid a Tree Removal Job

There have been a bunch of questions lately on the Gopher Lawn Care Forum on how to bid the downing and removal of a tree. I hope some of these examples I post will help you get a better understanding of how to bid on a tree removal job.

Paul wrote in “I had a request for a bid to remove a tree. The tree is about 45 ft tall with a clear parking lot to drop it in to. They want me to cut and stack all the bigger wood, haul off all the smaller wood about 4 loads. I will have 3 men on the job, I think we can get it down and cleaned up in about 60 man hours. I have never bid a tree removal job before, so I need a little help.”

Here is a picture of the tree.

tree removal bid

Brandon wrote in response “I remove a lot of trees. I do several a week. For a tree like this, with haul away too, I would be able to do this job in 1 day with 1 friend helping me. You should be able to get about $500 or more depending on you market area.
Here is how I would do it.
Start by removing the branches from the bottom working my way up, that way your helper(s) can pull them out of the way and trim them to fit in your trailer better. I use a 24′ extension ladder to get me into the tree and access the lower branches, then I can climb from there. Once all the branches have been removed then you can fall the trunk and cut it into manageable pieces. It shouldn’t take you more than 1 day if you have the right tools. How big is your trailer. It usually takes me more dump runs than I expect, but we have a place in our area that takes all our brush/wood for free and converts it into electricity.
Hope this helps.”

Pete suggested “I could do that tree for $575 one day worth of work. Very Easy”

Ultimately Paul bid the job a little lower than what others had suggested and got the job. He wrote us “We bid the job out for $350.00 and got it. We got the job finished in one day. Thanks for all the Help. “

tree removal estimate

If you have a question on this tree removal job, please feel free to join in this discussion at the Gopher Lawn Care Forum.

You can also post if you have lawn care or tree removal estimate question.

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