How to be proactive and get lawn care sales.

Spring is here and some lawn care business owners have sent out their first wave of marketing material and are patiently waiting for the phone to ring. If you find yourself sitting around waiting for the lawn care customers to call, you may want to consider some of these marketing methods a member of the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum has shared with us.

He wrote “your marketing should focus on your community and your network. Take advantage of the time you have when you are not working by creating a list of people you know who that you could go have a coffee with and tell them what you are doing and ask them if they know of anyone needing this service. Pick their brain and tell them you are looking to offering other services. Ask what services do they think people might want. Then ask them for referrals.

When you get a referral, call them and say something like John thought you might be interested in a service we offer which is xxxxxx, would you be interested? If they say yes, that is great but don’t be afraid to take it another step. Tell them you really look forward to working with them and then ask, would you know of anyone who might also be interested in our services? Corney??? Maybe. Does it work? You bet your mower it does and it’s what I am doing when ever I have a free moment.

The other thing you should experiment with is creating postcards that focus on specific services you offer. When you are out driving around and you see a need and can perform a service to fulfill that need, drop a postcard off at the home. It’s a personal direct touch that makes it  so effective. The prospect thinks gosh, that guy or gal noticed that I could use —- service and they took the time to stop and offer assistance.

The postcard design should focus on a specific service. Start with two or three different cards at first. Maybe make one for lawn mowing and another for organic spraying or yard clean ups. If you are stuck coming up with ideas, take a drive around town and pay attention to the different properties you pass by. Ask yourself, what needs do you see at various homes that are similar? When you see it and trust me you will, you just found your next service. Now print the cards and go back to these places to hand them out. I think you will be shocked at the results.

Most lawn care business owners avoid face to face interactions because they are afraid of rejections. To be successful though, you need to learn to blow a no off. Laugh it off. Hold your head high and smile at the next prospect. Go in with the attitude you will get the job. People read body language well so be careful. Don’t look and speak to the ground. Look them in the eye, give a firm hand shake. Know your stuff and act it but don’t over act, like you already won the job.

Some lawn care business owners think they are simply just not good at sales. If this is the case for you then hire someone who is good at it and pay them based on what they bring in. Hire someone you personally would want to do business with.

Business owners, in general, are not afraid to market though. However that is not sales. Marketing is easy. With marketing, you can hide behind the door with flyers and wait for the phone to ring. It probably won’t and you will probably starve. So to avoid that, you need to get in the face of the prospect to get them. Don’t just put a flyer on a door, knock on it and say hello. Tell the potential customer you noticed they could use —- service and you can provide a solution to their problem.

Once you get into the swing of things and get into selling your service, you will find a lot more growth than just simply sending out mailers and hoping for a response.”

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