How the lawn care business can effect your health.

Think your current physical conditioning may be keeping you from performing lawn care services? Well here are a couple of great insights shared with us on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum about how all the activities running a lawn care business requires can really get you into great shape.

One lawn care business owner wrote “the lawn care business is being good to me or my body anyway! I have lost quite a bit of weight because of all the physical activity.

  • March - weight 260 lbs Pant size 46
  • April - weight 250 lbs Pant size 44
  • May - weight 235 lbs Pant size 42
  • Today - weight 229 lbs Pant size 40

With just 29 more pounds to lose I’ll be where I was before I broke 3 ribs and became an eating machine getting zero exercise. Long hard HOT days and switching form Pepsi to Pepsi Max and unsweetened Ice Tea is working. The muscle aches and soreness is gone and I feel 40 again.

At the beginning of the season in April, an 8 hour day did me in. I feel better after 12-14 hours now than I did after 8 hours in April. All these new pant sizes I have been buying however are getting expensive.

My blood pressure in January was 240 over 120. At my last physical it was 122 over 68. Even though I am more active, I am filled eating less. Oh, and now a half a beer puts me to sleep. I started out on 40mg BP medication then went to 20 mg after weight loss, then to 20mg after more weight loss, then 10 mg. My blood pressure at this point went down to 106 over 60. They then dropped my med to 5mg. Today it was almost normal. Another 10lbs and I will be off medications completely.

The lawn care business is really good for you and me.”

A second lawn care business owner said “for 2 years I had a high bp and the doctors would tell me if I lost some pounds up top (stomach and chest) my bp would get back to where it needs to be. Well on Oct.28 I had a heart attack due to my high blood pressure. After 8 nitro pills and 8 baby aspirin in the ambulance ride to the hospital, my bp was 205/200! My heart was about to burst. It did blow out one valve but while they had the camera up in my heart (1hr) we watched it mend itself back.

That was wild to watch my heart like that. The heart attack was the most pain I had ever had in my life and would never wish that on anybody. I spent 4 days in ccu and 4 days in a regular room before they would let me go home. I have been losing pounds and feeling much better about myself too.

I now take 1 heart pill and 1 blood pressure pill but soon I hope to be off both. So keep up the good work and keep losing the pounds.”

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How the lawn care business can effect your health - GopherHaul 77 Lawn Care Business Blog Show

How the lawn care business can effect your health - GopherHaul 77 Lawn Care Business Blog Podcast.

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