How running a lawn care business effects your auto insurance needs.

Getting your lawn care business started can be very exciting. Getting the proper insurance for your vehicle and equipment can seem like quite the opposite. Many new entrepreneurs put off getting the right insurance or even asking their agent about what insurance they need for fear of finding out the costs will be too much to bear. So before you put off investigating your insurance needs further, consider the lessons learned from this discussion on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum.

One lawn care business owner wrote “this is my first year running my company and I was wondering if I need commercial plates on my truck and do I need commercial business auto insurance? If so does it cost a lot more than personal insurance? I’m a sole proprietorship with no employees and the truck is in my name.”

A second lawn care business owner said “this answer may depend on your location, so take this information with a grain of salt. As per my auto insurance agent AND my commercial liability agent: (I wanted to be 100% clear on this, so I asked both).

Lawn care business insurance.

Lawn care business insurance.

If the vehicle is in your name, no changes to the policy are required, nor does it affect your rates - nothing changes. It’s still the same policy and yes, the truck is covered if ‘on the job’, or going from one job to the next, or while out with the wife and kids - same as it was before.

If you are a LLC, or other type of company, it may be different. The above information is for a sole proprietorship. I was told by my agent that if I title my truck under a company name, OR have any employees who will drive it, I need to then have a commercial vehicle policy.

When I started my mowing company, I worried that my rates would go up if I were using the truck for business purposes. I delayed contacting my agent for that reason. If you’re worried about the same thing, call another insurance company and ask them questions. That way, your current agent will be none the wiser, if my information does not hold true where you are located. For me, it turned out I worried over nothing.

A concern with using your homeowner’s policy to cover your mowing equipment while it is parked on your property is the fact that they may drop you like a hot potato if you file a claim. Homeowner’s policies can be like that.

I’d prefer to keep my homeowners policy for bad stuff that happens to my house. Eventually, I’m adding a rider to my commercial policy to cover my lawn care equipment while stored at home. It’s not that much more so I feel it will be worth it.”

A third said “I have commercial insurance on my truck and it worked out being cheaper than regular insurance and I have more coverage with the commercial policy. The only catch to commercial insurance is anyone who will drive your vehicle must be added as a driver. Every one in my family is listed on my policy with no change in cost, but we all have good driving records too. I did a lot of shopping for insurance before I settled on the one I found to be the least expensive for me. My insurance covers my landscape trailer when it’s connected but not the contents. My homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover a trailer or any item used for business, like commercial mowers. I have a trailer I keep in my garage and it’s not covered by my homeowner’s insurance. I have a rider on my truck insurance for when it’s not connected to cover any theft issues.”

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