How owning landscape equipment can bring you more jobs.

Having a bunch of landscaping equipment within your stable can be helpful in many ways. Sure it will help you get those landscape jobs done, but did you also know you can use it to attract the attention of even more clients? That is exactly what this one landscaper did. He has found his equipment has become his best overall marketing element. As we will see in this discussion from the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum, you can make your equipment work for you even when you aren’t using it.

One lawn care business owner wrote “today’s project was to remove an asphalt walkway, remove sod from around all trees, shrubs, build three gardens, move shrubs to a new location, plant 32 hedge shrubs and prep the walkway for brick.

Landscape project

Landscape project

My compact utility tractor transports everything removed to a dump trailer. I can haul 15,000 pounds per load. Today I hauled two loads and have one more tomorrow.

The hydraulic auger attachment I have on my mini excavator sure saved a lot of time drilling holes for the hedge plants and makes everything neat and tidy.

I next used an old edger to cut the sod then a landscape/ditching bucket to lift out the sod. It was a fun day, hot but fun! Then again when your office is a sand box and playing in the dirt, everyday is awesome! Doing this manually would have taken the three of us over a week. With the equipment I have, this all will be finished in 2 days.

Landscape project

Landscape project

Having the right landscape equipment is how I can make serious bucks. I had a client last night say and I have heard this many times, ‘you were selected over your competition because you seem to have just about every piece of equipment going.’ I do have a lot of equipment but I like working on volume and having the gear allows the staff and I to do what would take manually a week, in a single day. Honestly it’s so hot here, manual work would be a very short day.

I have learned to use my equipment in more ways than you would think. It has actually become part of the sales process. I point out and explain to the customer, every piece of equipment that will be used. If I see other potential jobs when I am on a site, my typical sales pitch is ‘don’t feel like I have my hand in your wallet, however we have the a ………… that would do a fine job at ………and if you are interested it would only cost…….’

Another way I use my equipment to help sell is by including pictures of my gear on my website. Many new customers visit my website before I ever meet them. I would guess 70% of my gear is on there, with some pictured in action.

Many times prospects see us at the coffee shop, having lunch, getting gas etc. We are almost always pulling something and it turns into a conversation piece. Then you have clients that we did work for telling their friends.

If I hear a request for a new service once or twice and it’s something we do not do, I explain that but I record it in case we offer this service in the future. If however I keep hearing a question for the same service and it fits within the scope of what we do, I promote it and then get the equipment when the sales are lined up.”

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